Never Shop for Clothes Naked or Needy

5 Steps to Prevent Impulsive Shopping It is never wise to grocery shop when you are hungry because your cravings can get the best of your budget. Your family may love all the junk food you bring home but, after the sugar high drops, they’ll be disappointed when you cannot put together a complete meal … Continue reading Never Shop for Clothes Naked or Needy

6 Steps to Creating your Personal Dress Code

Many moms have joined with Staples in celebrating this back-to-school-season as “the most wonderful time of the year.”  Especially, the moms of students with dress codes. It may have been a challenge to hunt down the khakis or figure out sizes after a summer of growth, but  it’s all worth it once the morning routine starts … Continue reading 6 Steps to Creating your Personal Dress Code

7 tips for Finding a Great Outfit Quick

Most women make shopping an experience. We enjoy going with our girlfriends and try on lots of potential pieces for our wardrobe. Even if we have no need for clothes. The dressing room halls become our runway as we model for each other’s opinions before we make our decision: to spend or not to spend–this … Continue reading 7 tips for Finding a Great Outfit Quick

Can You Inherit Confidence?

I had just begun my journey as a single mom when my grandmother died. I’d been working hard to build a business to support myself and my son and felt like I was getting no where. Winter was coming and I had two new bodies to clothe–my newborn and my new figure. That was long … Continue reading Can You Inherit Confidence?

Shop Like a Man: Guilt-Free

I did it again! I forgot to buy cereal, yet there I was trying to make the room for all the other groceries I didn’t need. I suppose I could get up early and make my kids eggs in the morning since now I have over two dozen! Anyone with any knowledge of budgeting knows … Continue reading Shop Like a Man: Guilt-Free

What is Your Purchasing Theme?

I love dark chocolate. If my secret stock of it ever starts getting scarce, I hit the market–immediately, before I run out and have a crisis. The funny thing is, I never lack chocolate because I buy it all the time and seldom allow myself the indulgence of eating it. You may roll your eyes at … Continue reading What is Your Purchasing Theme?

When Weight Conflicts with Confidence

One of the leading causes for a chaotic closet is weight fluctuation. Who wants to wear clothing that does not fit correctly? Pulled and puckered fabric draws attention to bulges; loose and hanging clothing gives an impression of insecurity and inadequacy. Either problem creates a self-consciousness that can easily be prevented with properly sized garments. … Continue reading When Weight Conflicts with Confidence

How to do a Wardrobe Weeding

Of all the outfits you wore last week, which one made you feel most confident and why?  If you followed my closet audit advice and picked out your favorite clothing items, did you notice any common traits between them? The color, pattern, fabric–what makes you feel good in what you wear? Is it the high-fashion statement pieces? Or … Continue reading How to do a Wardrobe Weeding

 Worried about What to Wear?

People change. We change our size, weight, careers and opinions all the time. Why, then, is it so difficult to change our wardrobe? We don’t mind adding to  what we have but we are not nearly as eager to get rid of anything extra. We complain that we do not have all that we need but … Continue reading  Worried about What to Wear?

Color, Confidence and Seasonal Palettes

Basically, there are four seasonal palettes of color—Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Your eye color, clarity and pattern of your eye structure, as well as the skin undertone (not its color), and the contrasts of these aspects with your hair (again, not necessarily the color) are all factors in deciding which season you are. In order … Continue reading Color, Confidence and Seasonal Palettes

Color, Confidence and Skin Tone

How well does what you wear compliment your hair, skin and eye coloring? Maybe you don’t like your coloring and have played with hair dye only to find you are now frustrated in trying to make your make up blend or your outfits look right. Maybe you love soft, warm colors but always feel pasty … Continue reading Color, Confidence and Skin Tone

What Not To Wear

I’ve said it, and I’m sure you have too: “I have nothing to wear.” My husband responds to my whining like he does when our teens say,  “there’s nothing to do!” He laughs and says “oh, of course not.” After a number of changes in attire I immerge from the closet and Ron will respond, … Continue reading What Not To Wear