Color, Confidence and Skin Tone

How well does what you wear compliment your hair, skin and eye coloring? Maybe you don’t like your coloring and have played with hair dye only to find you are now frustrated in trying to make your make up blend or your outfits look right. Maybe you love soft, warm colors but always feel pasty … Continue reading Color, Confidence and Skin Tone

What Not To Wear

I’ve said it, and I’m sure you have too: “I have nothing to wear.” My husband responds to my whining like he does when our teens say,  “there’s nothing to do!” He laughs and says “oh, of course not.” After a number of changes in attire I immerge from the closet and Ron will respond, … Continue reading What Not To Wear

Tuesday’s Tip: UNnagging

The heart of my ministry to women throughout the years has mostly been about teaching women to cast their cares on the One who cares for them, to do what it takes to meet their own needs, and to have a cheerful heart toward their responsibilities to their loved ones. Women were designed to help … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip: UNnagging

Easter Wardrobe Tips

I love Easter. It’s a celebration of the most important day in History, and most people dress up and come to church. I know not everyone loves the dressing up part, but I’m a Dramatic, and the formality makes it even more fun for me. Dramatics love to shop and putting a beautiful outfit together … Continue reading Easter Wardrobe Tips

Know Who You Are

I have attended two formal events the past two weekends, a wedding and my husband’s high school reunion. At neither of these celebrations did I know very many people. This would have caused me great anxiety in the days before understanding the “Beauty Battle” that I now teach about. Instead I had a blast making … Continue reading Know Who You Are