Know Who You Are – for Kids!: Katy Finds the Confidence to BE Her True Self

In today’s culture, even young children are struggling with body image issues. The world tells them, “If you don’t like something about yourself, change it.” But changing a person’s appearance and character is complicated and stressful. Giving a child permission to alter their authentic nature may only cause more problems.The secret to being confident is knowing who you are.Journey with Katy as she struggles with low self-esteem. Comparing her weaknesses to her friends’ strengths has her frustrated and confused until, one day, she finally makes peace with her individuality. Like the various flowers and trees, every boy and girl is beautiful and strong in their own way!Written by Image- and Life-Coach Catrina Welch, with illustrations and suggestions to help you discuss and discover the various styles of each of Katy’s friends. This simple story has a deep message, which will help your child understand and appreciate his or her personal Image Identity and find the confidence to BE and LET BE.


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