Supreme MakeOver eventFor me, speaking is about empowering women to BE who they were designed to be. There’s no greater joy than helping others recognize the twisted-Truths they believe so they can overcome Image Issues or any other Confidence Conflict that holds them  back.
My most popular keynotes  address the areas of beauty, rejection and loss, these are some of the challenges I have faced and I love to share what I have learned. I am not afraid to be vulnerable and real because I know most women feel alone in their emotional struggles and they need to know they are not.
If you think my testimony or expertise could complement your mission or enhance your business, would you consider having me speak at your next event?.

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Stephanie M. Valeri

Women’s Ministries Leader  at Living Hope Church, Southwick, Ma

I have known Catrina Welch and her family for sixteen years. During that time I have grown to love and respect Catrina for her passion for Christ and her love for women of all ages and walks of life. She is a woman of integrity, character and faith, never compromising her trust in our Living Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of her sincere faith and the ministry of Confident Beauty, I have had her as the guest speaker at my own women’s ministries gatherings, and I have been to her seminars at retreats over the years.

It has been said that from ones greatest pain comes his/her greatest ministry. Christ has taken Catrina through so much pain, healed her and restored her to a place where she has blessed and ministered to the needs of so many girls and women. Her book, Confident Beauty, is a powerful revelation from the Lord in which Catrina takes her reader from The Garden of Eden, the first moments of impartation of God’s own beauty into woman, through the lies of the Fall and brings a message of Truth right into the very heart of her reader today. Women have been given God’s own beauty, each one of us, and it is not to be confused with or compared to others because each is our own – God’s very own beauty – graciously given to us. It is a liberating and burden lifting message that every woman should be made known of and every young girl needs for the modern society in which we live. From the words penned by Catrina, a profoundly needed Godly confidence will be poured into hearts and minds of women everywhere, and they will never be
the same!

Tana A. Miller

Southern New England Ministry Network Women’s Director, National President of the District Director Committee

I have known Catrina for over 10 years and this woman knows the meaning of using the pain we go through for God’s purposes!  I have seen her cry but through her tears, have the strength to pour into the lives of others going through horrific situations.Her story is both moving and life changing and God is using it to change hundreds of ladies who have lost children and who have their own stories to tell. For over 7 years I watched as Catrina taught Bible Studies and poured into the ladies of the church that my husband and I pastored on Cape Cod. I have used Catrina not only to speak at our District Women’s Retreat to over  1,500 ladies, but also to speak and minister to my own personal staff and leadership. Her gift as a cosmetologist and image consultant, speaking about inner beauty, has proven to be a very powerful tool throughout our Southern New England District, to let ladies see their worth through Gods eyes and not their own. I have also seen Catrina do Jr and Teen girl retreats and her very tangable way of relating to them has been life changing for the girls that have sat under her ministry. I highly recommend Catrina and her ministry, you will be very blessed to have her at your event. She is humble, a joy and she will work with your budget.


Leona, 62, Massachusetts

“I hated the word “beauty” before my Supreme MakeOver. I didn’t think I had it, and I thought wanting it was wrong. After learning my Img.ID and how to look my personal best, I have become free from shame and comparison. I am now confident, energetic and more compassionate toward others.” 

Joann Perras, Sandwich, MA

I had the pleasure of having Catrina Welch come to my home to do a Supreme MakeOver: Prom Edition and what fun we had!! Catrina spoke to us about the Beauty Battle, analyzed our Img.IDs and then gave each of us (mothers and daughters) specific guidelines for our type of beauty. She showed the girls what cuts, fabrics and style gowns would look good on each of them so that they would feel good wearing them!!

Having teenagers in this time is not easy; image is no small issue in their lives but they can now go back to what they learned about balanced beauty – which doesn’t compete with the personalities and physical make up of others, but appreciates them, and values herself – and walk with confidence.

Catrina spoke to us about the wounds that come against our image and how only God can give us the comfort we need to overcome what we believe about ourselves. I am now free to be who God made me to be and I know the other mothers feel the same. The girls are changed too.

Our Supreme MakeOver was an afternoon to always be remembered and I will do it again for my younger daughter. Thank you Catrina for using your gifts to change many lives!


Kevin LeBlanc, Cape Cod

I just received, and read more than once your book, Footprints Through the Sand, and it has had a profound effect on me. Having been tested in my life on many occasions and questioning my religious beliefs each time, your insight into your beliefs and your strength has inspired me about myself. Thank you for sharing it with me. I will keep it and share it with as many people as I can. You and Ron exhibit great strength and are people that should be around others of lesser strength to share your story. Very powerful.

Thanks again, Kev



  • Graduate of Nauset High School 1985
  • Graduate of Blaine Hair School 1986
  • Licensed cosmetologist after a two year internship in 1988
  • Certified as a color analysis in 1992
  • Certified as an Image Consultant in 1998
  • American Association of Christian Counselors certified in 2000


I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, my Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead and buried: He descended into hell, and on the third day rose again from the dead: He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. From there He shall come to judge the dead and living. I believe in the Holy Spirit; I believe in the church of God: the communion of believers, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.


Catrina is married to an amazing man of God, Ron, who owns his own contracting business and serves diligently in their church. They have been blessed with four beautiful children: Andrew (22), Billy (17), Rebecca (who lived only 3 weeks), and Victoria (14). Their two youngest often travel with Catrina on her speaking engagements. Victoria sings for the ladies and Billy does her PowerPoint.

For 14 years she and her husband hosted a Valentine’s Gala

Valentine’s Day is very special to Ron and Catrina Welch. They have learned from experience how important it is for couples to invest in one another. Each of them has suffered the pain love brings when it slides into divorce, and after finding each other they determined in their hearts never to take their love for granted. When their daughter died in 1999 they had to learn how to hold onto their marriage by allowing each other to grieve differently and by making decisions to prioritize their relationship.

Valentine’s Day is also special to them because it was the only holiday that they had with their baby girl.

Rebecca had Trisomy 18, a chromosome condition from which most babies do not survive at all. Her three weeks with her parents were a gift from God that changed their lives as well as the lives of many others.

The year after Rebecca died, the Welch’s held their first Valentine’s Gala to show their appreciation for all the friends and family who supported them through the challenges her delicate life brought. The five-course candlelight dinner was designed to be a prom-like experience for all their guests. Planning the event helped them focus on their blessings instead of their sorrow and gave them an opportunity to financially support the private Christian school their other children attend. Each year Catrina wrote a short story about Rebecca’s life and what they learned through that difficult season.

For fourteen years, the Welches raised funds for the Rebecca Welch Memorial Scholarship, mainly through the proceeds from those stories now consolidated in Catrina’s book: Footprints Through the Sand.
If you would like to support their efforts, please send your tax deductible gift written out to “Rebecca Welch Memorial Fund” to PO Box 1478 North Falmouth, Ma 02556

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  1. Great meeting you Catrina, I would like to talk with you in the spring about coming to do a speaking engagement at my new community once its open. It would be for professionals. It would be after hours like 5p.m. or later in our presentation room with cocktails and appetizers. If you could contact me in the future with an idea of the cost that would be wonderful. Happy Holidays! -Kristine

    1. Kristine, I am glad to see that you are continuing to do well. Have you seen how we are doing our Supreme MakeOver Image-Assessment events now? Check out my Image-Coaching page for some of the various ways you could do this for your community.

      I’m so sorry, I am finally taking the time to weed through the large file of spam on my website and just found this comment. Please forgive my lack of response here. If you’re interested, please feel free to email me directly: catrina@catrinawelch.com

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