Characteristics: Often uninterested in beauty tips.Fun, energetic, enthusiastic. Bold, bouncy, snappy, spunky charmer; usually well respected.

The Bold Beauty

(bold, spunky, fun)

Gamine’s Motto: Do it, and forget it

Wardrobe:  petite, sporty, bouncy, fun

Hair: snappy, bouncy

Priority: comfort, color, texture

Focus on:

  • bold contrasting colors; be sure to wear at least 3 colors every day.
  • take a little time to look good, don’t let your rebellious side  keep you from doing what it takes, especially if someone is telling you what to wear!
  • Decide for yourself to do it, and forget it; if it’s your own rule, you are still in control… just sayin’)


Caution: Gamines can become masculine, outdated, too plain or dumpy; be sure your attire is as fun and bold or your spunky personality may be overlooked.

Some examples: for more, see the Gamine board on my Pinterest page:


Gamine debi mazar
Debi Mazar