Characteristics: Casual, unpretentious. Conservative, practical, reliable, dependable, responsible loyal; usually well loved. Often thinks beauty and fashion is nonsense.

The Casual Beauty

 (sporty, casual, or “country”)

Natural’s Motto: Keep it simple. Less is more.

Wardrobe: sporty, simple comfortable

Hair: low-maintenance, informal

Priority: comfort!

Focus on:

  • texture, simplicity
  • Less detail is more appealing on you.

Caution: Naturals can become masculine, outdated, too plain, or dumpy. Find your place between over-casual & too formal

Some examples: for more, see the Natural board on my Pinterest page:

Natural Clothes2 NaturalGirl2NaturalClothes

 Celebrity icons:

Kristie Alley
Kristie Alley
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles