Characteristics: Feminine, charming, sensitive, sympathetic, accommodating. Sensual, alluring, glamorous, flirtatious. Usually much desired. Often deeply hurt by beauty

The Glamorous Beauty

 (curvy, alluring, and feminine)

Romantic’s Motto: When you’ve got it, there’s no need to flaunt it.

Wardrobe: glamorous, sculpted, flowing, rich

Hair: curly or fringed layers

Priority: Keep your look sophisticated and Mysterious. Avoid thin, cheap or revealing wardrobe/accessories. Keep them guessing; your beauty is obvious, flaunting it lessens it.

Focus on: your waistline; always choose soft, flowing fabrics
  • feminine shoes
  • soft eyes (mascara with no liner is a great look for you.)

Caution: Romantics can tend to look cheap or provocative if not careful. Be sure to choose quality fabrics and accessories, and be certain your clothing fits appropriately. Romantics often value others more than themselves, do not neglect yourself.

Some examples: for more, see the Romantic board on my Pinterest page:



Debra Messing