Small Group Edition

Supreme MakeOver ideas for WOMEN, TEENS, TWEENS who like to have FUN:

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2015ButterflyImage coaching is generally available only to the wealthy, as this service is typically hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Group assessments are very affordable! 

Do you like to host events?

Because I believe that understanding your personal style of beauty (your Img.ID) changes your life (It changed mine!), I am willing to serve a group for the same price I would serve an individual. I love empowering women to BE and LET BE and the more I can reach the better. This is not about making money to me, although I do hope to sell my other books, and ask that you help with promoting them because they (especially Confident Beauty and Supreme MakeOver) are designed to complete the inner healing that understanding your Img.ID only begins.

If you want to help your friends overcome image issues, this is a very fun and powerful opportunity for you to do that. I have done a lot of these and I have resources to help make your event a success. My schedule is generally very full, so please, let’s plan ahead.  Feel free to contact me personally at

Do you like free stuff?

Wether you decide to make your SMO a workshop, party or retreat, we will create the event to fit for you and your friends desires. Here is the break down of the services, expense and rewards:

During your SMO event I will:

  • go over the 6 styles of feminine beauty (Img.IDs)
  • Discuss various confidence conflicts and how each Img.ID handles image issues
  • Figure Ur Figure: follow a power point presentation to assess (together) each guest’s physical stature, clothing personality and personal preferences.
  • What 2 Wear: go over the guidelines for each Img.ID

Each guest will receive:

  • A copy of Know Who You Are: book of guidelines for hair, wardrobe, makeup, accessories (including eye glasses and earring shapes) and even manicures.
  • Pen to mark up their book of guidelines
  • Small makeup bag full of goodies

 (Color Analysis, wardrobe assessments and shopping assistance offered by appointment at a discounted rate)

This SMO generally takes about 1.5 hours.

Hostess is requested to collect $20 deposit from each guest one week before event date and the balance on day of her SMO. You will be compensated according to the following scale:

Group of 1 - 5: 
flat fee of $597

Group of 6-15:
$97 per person
Hostess fee waved

Group of 16-29 or more:
$59 per person
Hostes fee waved
Hostess (or guest of her choice) will also be given a complimentary color analysis

Group of 30 or more:
Groups of 30 or more will be charged $597 plus $10 per person (i.e. a group of 50 = $1,097 or $22 per person!)
Hostess fee waved
Hostess given Complimentary Book Bundle for pre-view
Hostess (or guest of her choice) will also be given a complimentary color analysis
Hostess will also be given a complimentary wardrobe refinement

To book now, contact me at

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Supreme MakeOver for Bride and Bridal Party.

This beautiful bridal party each held a flower that complimented their Img.ID
This beautiful bridal party each held a flower that complimented their Img.ID
Everything about your wedding should compliment who you are and yet honor those who you love who might have a totally different style than you.

Your SMO is a great way to start your marriage off right!

Understanding yourself is key to enjoying your husband. It creates a bond as you understand each of the girls involved in your big day.

The flat fee for one hour of this group image consultation is $597. Invite as many people as you would like–maybe even your new in-laws! My gift to you.


To book now, contact me at