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Beauty is vital to a woman’s confidence and her general enthusiasm for life, but too often we let a”bad-hair day” make us self-conscious and keep us from an opportunity to make a friend, meet a client, share a testimony.

The Makeover Made Supreme!

Movie stars and Supermodels know the value of a professional makeover; but there’s a difference between being made over and experiencing a Supreme MakeOver! A makeover accentuates your beauty for the day; a Supreme MakeOver (SMO) changes your confidence for life because it empowers you to BE who you were designed to be and liberates you from the trap of comparison.

Never be overwhelmed by What2Wear again! As a cosmetologist and personal stylist, I can make you look beautiful and feel confident for the day, but I find it far more rewarding to empower you with Confident Beauty, which doesn’t wear off like makeup does!

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A SMO Doesn’t Alter Your Style, It Unveils It.

A Supreme MakeOver unveils your Personal Image Identity (Img.ID), which is a reflection of your personality, your coloring, your physical stature, facial features and personal preferences. For more, read this blog: You Are Not Your Mother.

During your Supreme MakeOver you will learn about the six types of women and how they each approach Image Issues. We will unveil your Personal Image Identity and go over guidelines for you to accentuate your authentic beauty so that you can look your best everyday. You have a very specific style all your own and no one else’s beauty should define yours. Think of the time, energy or money you will save when you are liberated from following fashion that doesn’t make you feel confident!

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I am available for private consultations or group sessions for small or large numbers. I am affordable, I travel long distances, and I adjust my compensation according the size and theme of your event. I look forward to planning a Supreme MakeOver workshop, party or retreat with you.

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Supreme MakeOver Virtual Edition

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Supreme MakeOver Private Edition (In Person)

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Supreme MakeOver Group Edition

$597 + $20 per person