Finding Strength to Embrace your Challenge

During the painful seasons of life, we are more sensitive than usual. Like a physical wound that stings with the slightest touch, emotional wounds may make us susceptible to road […]

How Grief Taught me Joy

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Today would have been my baby girl’s twentieth birthday. With each year since her passing, we think of all the milestones she would have accomplished had we been granted the […]

Finding Strength in the Confidence Conflicts

Not all Confidence Conflicts are Beauty Battles. Attacks on our identity come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most of these conflicts are mountains–whether we made them out of […]

Easter Changes Everything

Imagine how the friends of Jesus felt after His crucifixion. They were so sure He was the Messiah, the One sent to become their king and free them from Rome. […]

3 Methods of Managing Stress Confidently

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Summer is officially here. School’s out, kids are home, trips are being planned, company is coming… there’s more daylight in our busy days, so why not do more, right? As […]

5 Lessons from a Boat Wreck

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We were enjoying a beautiful brunch overlooking the deep Caribbean Sea when suddenly the cruise ship began to shake with the force of an unanticipated change in speed and direction. […]

The Beauty of Easter

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If you have ever had one, you know how all-consuming the pain can be. There are few things that can stop a woman in her tracks like a full-blown migraine. […]

When Words Crush Your Spirit

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Injuries can crush the body. When someone strikes us, we hurt. The stronger our physical body, the […]