What 2 Wear Hair Tips

As Memorial Day quickly approaches lots of women are ready for new summer hairstyles. For the past few Wednesdays my “What 2 Wear” tips have been about making good choices […]

Well Dressed Beauty

Christian Dior once said, “It’s not money that makes you well dressed, it’s understanding.” In today’s economy, this is good news! If you know your personal Img.ID you can save […]

Illusions: Dressing the Neck

            Clothing lines create illusions. The choices we make with our attire will either bring balance to our image or draw attention to our disproportions. What […]

Illusions: More Tummy Talk

When you stood sideways in a mirror, was your silhouette widest at the waist? Then you have a rounded waist. Some of last week’s advice above may be very helpful […]

Illusions: Tummy Talk

  Did you know that if you take the measurements of the Barbie doll and scaled them to life-size, she would be over 6 feet tall, weigh around 100 pounds, […]