Does Your Child Say It Like It Is?

Gamin Asa

Children are generally bold Kids aren’t shy about what they are thinking, they “don’t have a filter” until they experience a few embarrassing moments that make them hold back. Some children, […]

Confident Classic Kids

Children are like sponges Kids soak up anything they can lean because  knowledge is an innate human desire. For some, however, learning is more than a desire. Typically, the Classic […]

Raising Confident Kids

confident kids line up

With the first hospital visit, adults begin “speaking life” over your baby:  She’s beautiful! He’s so big! As children grow, we naturally announce and affirm each progression of their development: Look how he […]

Gamine – the Bold Beauty

Gamine 04 13 at 6.13.08 PM

Some women are strong, spunky and secure in their opinions. The Gamine clothing personality is average to short in stature,  but she is not fragile: not in build, and not […]

Natural – the Casual Beauty

Natural header 2019 04 13 at 6.12.45 PM

Some women are simply laid back and casual; calm, cool and collected in nature. Those with the Natural clothing personality are athletic and nature-oriented and tend to be comfortable with […]

Dramatic Video

Often misunderstood to be overly confident, the Dramatic is actually a very sensitive woman. The Dramatic clothing personality (which I call the Exotic Beauty) is like a tropical flower. Her unusual beauty […]

Dramatic – the Exotic Beauty

Dramatic header 2019 04 13 at 6.12.26 PM

Some women are fast-paced, hardworking and unafraid to take risks. Those who are Dramatic in style have a daring nature that is seemingly uninhibited by the influences around her. Her […]

Classic – the Refined Beauty

Classic header 2019 04 13 at 6.12.09 PM

Some women are dignified, sophisticated and professional in all their ways. Those who are Classic in style are graceful and conservative and a pleasure to look. A balanced figure and proportionate […]

Romantic, the Glamorous Beauty

Romantic header 2019 04 13 at 6.11.38 PM

Some women are sensual in appearance and in nature, meaning they give great attention to the elements of taste, smell, touch and visual appeal. These are the kind of women you […]