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You are invited to a formal event. How does your heart respond? Some women (and men) enjoy dressing up and socializing. Others feel quite the opposite.

The way you respond to certain lifestyle choices has a lot to say about which style of beauty (or attractive) you are. While your physical attributes are the major indicator of which of the six styles (your personal image identity or Img.ID) you are, your personal preferences are the confirmation. If your physical style does not fall in line with your personal preferences, then you likely have a secondary style or you are in the midst of a Beauty Battle. 

A number of factors come into play when it comes to our personal preferences. The culture, economy and standards of our formative years are certainly strong influences on how we feel about certain lifestyle choices, especially if we have a compliant nature. It is natural to choose that which we are comfortable with, but sometimes we follow the examples set before us without even considering other options because it is all we know. 

In my heart of hearts I love elegant atmospheres and creative opportunities, but until I understood that, all of my clothing, career and decorative choices were casual and laid back. I came alive when I learned I was Dramatic but it took me many years to find the delicate balance of my combination Img.ID because the Dramatic  conflicts with the Natural in so many ways. “Casual elegance” may sound like an oxymoron to most, but it represents liberty to me because it defines my style perfectly. I am no longer a contradictive fool, I have found the confidence to enjoy excellence without being consumed by it.

If you are struggling to understand which style you are, I encourage you to explore your personal preferences. The questions below will help you get started. It may take some time and it may even be a bit frustrating, but I encourage you to put the effort in (or get some Image coaching) because understanding yourself is one of the greatest keys to unlocking the doors of insecurity and confusion.

The lifestyle choices you make are a big indicator of your Img.ID

What kind of lifestyle/career do you live, or desire to live?

  1. Administration / management /advising
  2. Home oriented / nature lover / coach
  3. Professional / business owner /fine arts
  4. Designer / decorator  / photography
  5. Teacher / hostess / nurturing
  6. Sales & marketing / public relations / health care

What is generally your idea of a great evening out?

  1. symphony concert or Broadway musical
  2. barbecue with friends and movie or sports game
  3. theater production or art exhibit
  4. candlelight dinner for two at a romantic hotel
  5. candlelight dinner for two at home
  6. dinner out and dancing-socializing with friends

What type of dance lessons would you be interested in taking?

  1. Ballroom
  2. Country line dancing
  3. Jazz
  4. Ballet
  5. Ballet and ballroom
  6. Jitterbug and Macarena

How would you handle the news from your husband that he was bringing his boss and wife home for dinner tonight?

  1. You would have preferred two weeks notice and you stress out because of too little time to prepare; you will give careful attention to all the details of an attractive presentation and prepare a “tried and true” recipe.
  2. You will take the news in stride; whatever is on hand you will prepare; paper plates and cups will be fine; buffet style from the kitchen counter or barbecue in the back yard.
  3. You also prefer advance notice but you will figure out how to make it a night to remember with a gourmet delight and a very striking table.
  4. You will kindly prepare your husband’s favorite dinner.
  5. You will make it an evening of experience with candlelight, music, potpourri and lace.
  6. You will greet them at the door and say, “I’ve made reservations at the greatest place for dinner; let’s go have fun!”

Answer key:

Which letter did you choose most above? click the Img.ID of that letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

  1. The Classic
  2. The Natural
  3. The Dramatic
  4. The Ingénue
  5. The Romantic
  6. The Gamine


As an author and speaker, my passion is in helping women and girls overcome Image Issues, so that they can become women of Confident Beauty, which doesn’t wear off like makeup does!

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4 thoughts on “Take this LifeSTYLE Quiz

  1. Hi Catrina, I joined your mailing list and received the download of Img.ID assessment. However, I have two problems that I hope you will be able to solve. Firstly, how many more characteristics does an identity need to be prominent. For example, I have 3 for Ingenue, 4 for Romantic and 6 for Gamine. Secondly, I have tried to complete the third section of the assessment, to determine a secondary image identity, but can not find out how to fill it in. I have searched and searched your website and your book Know Who You Are, but to no avail. Really hope you can help me out!

    1. Great questions! Thank you for asking. An image assessment is a complicated process, because each physical trait does not determine which style you are but indicates the possibilities of which ones you could be. Whichever one you score the highest in is your primary clothing personality. The secondary personality is a bit too complicated to do this way since it involves your personal preferences. This is why I don’t get into it much online, but you can find the questionnaire in Chapter 5 of Know Who You Are and Chapter 17 of Confident Beauty with a synopsis of each combination in Chapter 13 (KWYA) and in Chapter 24 (CB). Know Who You Are is actually designed to be a workbook with a Supreme MakeOver, where I help you through the process, where Confident Beauty does go into more detail–as much as is possible without the one on one dynamic.
      God made us each so differently that this simply needs to be generalized if presented to the masses, but I do hope this helps. I am refining this system each time I do it and my next book should be even more informative. I don’t know where you live, but if I can help personally, please ask. I do travel for groups if you have some girlfriends who want to do a SMO with you, I’d love to talk about it.

      1. Thank you Catrina for your reply. I would love to have a makeover as I’m feeling very unattractive and dumpy, especially since my divorce 3 years ago, which has left me questioning who I am and what I’m here for. In my 20s, I would’ve said without a doubt that I was a Gamine. People mistook me for a teenage boy! I’m 40 now, and in many aspects I am still a Gamine. Still have a turned up nose; still 5’3”; still have a little round face, but I’ve let myself go, and now have a body I no longer recognise. I trained as a dancer, but now I’m clinically obese and can hardly walk. My ex husband crushed my spirit with his abuse. If I’m honest I am a little disappointed that my Img.ID is Gamine because that was exactly how I was when I met him, and I really want to be something different. Something feminine. A bit girly, perhaps. If you ever come over to the UK, let me know, as I would love an SMO. Thank you so much x

        1. Lou,
          If you trained as a dancer, there is a good chance you do have some Ingénue in you! 🙂 Since you have a turned up nose, though, I would say that you are right and you are first the Gamine.
          While these two styles are very different from each other, you can certainly blend in the femininity you want to the strength of predominant side with the Bold Beauty. Just be sure that your fabrics are strong enough to hold their shape (versus the light and flowing fabrics of the Ingénue and Romantic) and always include three strong, contrasting colors even when wearing florals or laces.
          Most of all, remember, it takes time to heal from deep wounds, but it can happen. God loves to help us through these things. Many of us have had complete transformation in the Beauty Battle but this doesn’t mean you have to change your identity.
          The secret is to have fun with the new you, but don’t beat up the old you. Show yourself the grace and mercy that your Creator does. Consider this your cocoon time; as God heals your heart you will be ready to break free. And you won’t be crawling in the dust any more. You will be soaring with beauty!
          Be sure to check back in as my upcoming blogs are going to be style-specific advice. I think you will find it helpful. I’ll be sure to check back in with you if I ever get out to the UK.
          Take care,

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