The Influential Bold Beauty

By definition, a gamine is a feminine example of a mischievous young boy who typically cares little about his appearance, yet has enormous charm. The french term for this boy is gamin, thus the term Gamine for the Bold Beauty, a  girl (of any age) with great passion for inspiring fun and enforcing justice.

Gamines have a way of persuading others to join in on their strong convictions. Whether her passion is over a razor blade or a political movement, if a Gamine is hot on a topic, you may very well be inspired to join her ban wagon, simply because her excitement is captivating and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Yes, when she is angry, it can be frightening, but when she is onto something with that “gamin charm” it is simply fun to be around her.


Kaley Cuoco
The term for this Img.ID is also fitting as this style of feminine beauty is one of the few who can carry off a boyishly short haircut.

Gamines do especially well in drama and cheerleading, since they have a very animated personality. They also exceed in sales and health care careers because they don’t fear being pushy or making others uncomfortable. They have no problem saying it like it is. While this strength may be a weakness at first, it becomes a wonderful asset when she matures.

A Gamine with balance has a way of empowering others to be brave enough to stand for or talk about sensitive issues. I thank God for the Gamines in my life, without them I’d still be too embarrassed to be vulnerable and I’d never have become a writer, that’s for sure! It’s not always easy to be challenged by another woman–or by anyone for that matter–but when you  know that the one challenging you actually cares about you, then you have been blessed enough to have a true friend and with her by your side, you are strong enough to take the risk.

If you have a woman in your life who speaks out about whatever she thinks or feels, she may be a Gamine. Don’t miss out on all she has to offer by taking offense to her strong words. You may be a “sensitive flower” who shuts down when others seem harsh, but when you learn to listen to the heart behind her words, you may find that there is no reason to feel threatened. While there will always be selfish, hurtful people in this world, very often the Gamines you know are not as mean as you think.

They are brave.

Consider the nurse who administers shots to crying children all day. She’s seen every sickness and ailment you can imagine, so when you bring your precious baby to her, she doesn’t feel the same fear that you do. This is her work–and Gamines are hard workers. Your child’s symptoms are the task before her and she is going to find a way to bring that fever down and defeat the problem. A ruse may hurt your child, but she has no intention to harm her. You could take offense to the way she handles her mission, or you could learn to love and appreciate the way that she does not allow her feelings to have charge over her actions.

Know Who You Are

Like any of us, the Bold Beauty may act with her strengths out of balance from time to time (even after maturing), but because of her strong nature, she may more easily wound the tender heart. She needs to remember that not everyone is as driven as she is.

The Gamine’s  strength is in speaking out and persuading others, but if she is seeking revenge or focused on proving herself, she could persuade others in the wrong direction and even cause a riot. In truth, anyone can protest, but a  bold woman on a good and godly mission could change the world. As humans, our highest calling is not to fight, belittle and avenge; it is to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).

Consider the woman’s march last week and the march for life yesterday and you will find it obvious that there is power in a community that comes together to fight  for what they believe in.  Not all of us have the courage to make a stand on a controversial issue, but when surrounded by Gamines, we get our brave on.

The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands. -Proverbs 14:1

If you are a bold and persuasive woman, I encourage you to consider well what you believe in and what you stand for because you are far more influential than you are likely aware. You have the power to build up or to tear down. It is vitally important that we are sure we know what we are fighting for and that our motive is a positive one Because really, do you want to be known for causing a riot or for creating a change?

The Gamine's attire:

While Bold Beauties would prefer to be comfortable, they don’t have a problem dressing up–as long as they have a choice in the matter. Whether casual or formal, the Gamine should always wear 3 strong, contrasting colors in stiff fabrics that hold their shape. She should not wear soft, loose or flowing fabrics because that would contradict her strong nature. For examples, please see my Gamine board on Pinterest.


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