To Manicure or not to Manicure

The Beauty of Branding your Image is that when you know your style, you know your general guidelines for what to wear… even when it comes to nail polish. Colors trend and services change, but just as with your wardrobe or makeup, there are specifics you should always follow.

Here are the general guidelines for each of the 6 styles:

Naturals: Because of the Natural’s casual nature, this girl seldom desires a manicure except when going to a formal event. If this is you, do not feel the pressure to polish your nails or do any of the overlay services that so many women do. Just be sure your nails are clean and smooth.  If your cuticle line is slightly square, file the free-edge of your nail square as well. If your cuticle is rounded, file your nails rounded. Your nails should be minimal in length. For those formal events, choose neutral colored polish or French manicures–or just buff your nails and skip the polish completely.

Ingénues: The feminine and creative nature of the Ingénue may love any  time she can get in at the salon. When it comes to manicure, she should  be careful with her polish choices. She may be drawn to the strong, bold colors, but unless she has a secondary clothing personality,  this may  overpower her tender and gentle beauty. If this is you, keep your manicures simple (practical length, rounded edges) and soft (French manicures or soft pinks/peaches). Never let your nails get rough or ragged.

 Classics: Because of the refined nature of the Classic, this woman usually understands the value of having finished nails. Her practical nature may keep her from spending money at a salon to have them done, but as long as the look as professional as she is, it is fine for her to do them herself. If this is you, be sure your polish color is within your seasonal palette. French manicures or a colorless gloss are also acceptable. Keep them filed at a practical length with rounded edges,

Romantics: The glamorous nature of the Romantic also tends to value the finished look of a manicure. A rounded, practical length nail is best for her as well. If this is you, don’t hold back on the polish, just be sure the colors compliment your skin tone. French manicures or a colorless gloss are also a great option for you. Unless you have the skills to paint your nails with excellence, you may want to invest in a little spa time, since a poor job would not suit your nature.

Dramatics  The exotic nature of the Dramatic loves the finishing touch of a striking manicure. If this is you, have fun with strong colors, square edges, nail art and fashionable lengths. Consider having one of the many services now available, which hold the polish and look great for a couple of weeks.

Gamines usually love getting their nails done as well. These girls do well with square edges and strong colors and nail art. If this is you, be sure to have fun with your nails but keep your length short to medium.

To learn which of the 6 styles you may be, take my Image Identity quiz, (just click here).


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