Tuesday’s Tip: Blush

One of the most common mistakes women make when applying their blush is in placement. Your blush should be applied according to your facial shape; it is meant to accentuate your cheekbones more than it is to bring color to your face. Out of a desire for rosy cheeks, your tendency may be to apply the color to the balls of your cheek, but this tends to achieve only the look of a plump face, whereas if you apply it under your cheekbones as a shadowing effect, you will accentuate your bone structure, which is most often more flattering.

Some important advice:

  • Choose a blush color within your seasonal pallet. If your hair, skin and eyes have cool undertones and you choose a warm color (with any of your makeup) you will struggle to make it blend or look natural.
  • Always use quality makeup brushes, as this will enhance the quality of your makeup application.  Your blush brush should be soft and rounded, so that the effect it brings is subtle.
  • After filling your blush brush with the powder, tap the excess off before placing the brush under your cheekbone (if you are using a cream blush, be sure to use a makeup sponge). First place it where you want the most color, which is in the hollow of your cheek, directly under your eye, then bring your brush back toward your hairline. The further you place your blush from the center of your face, or the more horizontal of a line you brush toward your ear, the wider your face will appear. You can use this to your advantage to create balance. In general, if you have a:
    • Oblong face, apply blush horizontally, creating the illusion of width.
    • Square face, apply blush at a slight angle upward.
    • Diamond-shaped face, apply at a steep angle upward (also, wear light color eye shadows).
    • Round face, apply at a strong angle upward (and accentuate the eyes – we will be talking about this in a few weeks).
    • Heart-shaped face, apply slightly horizontally, also, apply blush some at the temples.
    • Triangular-shaped face, apply at a strong angle, also apply some blush to the neck, under your earlobes.
    • Oval face, follow your cheekbone creating a shadowing effect.

My final blush (& eye makeup) tip I will elaborate on in four weeks, but for now: do not worry about the obvious line you just created, resist the urge to smudge it with your fingers, I will share with you a far better trick of the trade that will make your makeup appear natural and stunning, so that you can soar with Confident Beauty everyday.

Talk with you next Tuesday!

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