Tuesday’s Tip: Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow can be a lot of fun, but not every woman is enamored by it. It can be a bit challenging to apply, and if not done correctly, it can rob all our attention, making many of us uncomfortable wearing it. However, when we wear it according to our image identity (Img.ID)’s  guidelines, the effects of accentuating our eyes (the window of our soul) we can become women of Confident Beauty.

If eye shadow makes you feel more self-conscious, then do not give in to the pressure to wear it… unless of course your self-consciousness is because you simply haven’t found your look yet. Let’s talk about that.

There are a lot of techniques and trends out there pressuring women to get their eye makeup right, I do not want to overwhelm you with tricks that may not suit your style: I prefer to keep it simple. Here is my advice:

Let all the beautiful women in this world be who they were designed to be, don’t stress about applying your makeup like theirs; you be who you are. Follow the guidelines for your personal Img.ID (below) and remember two simple rules of thumb:

  1. Dark colors create depth; light colors bring that area forward. Wherever you want to cause your eye to pop out, use your lighter color; wherever you want it to sink in, use your darker color.
  2. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. But do NOT use your fingers to do so, use a quality brush. And do NOT do erase your work before it has had time to settle in with your body chemistry. Next Tuesday’s Tip will help with the “this is too much” crisis that keeps so many women from wearing makeup. (and not just Naturals and Gamins!)


If you know your Img.ID, the following information is what will help you most. If you don’t, email me, and let’s book you a Supreme MakeOver edition of your own!

Eye Shadow Tips for each Img.ID:

  • Classics: Your makeup needs to be polished and flawless. Choose natural colors within your seasonal pallet and simple, well blended application.
  • Naturals: You may be happy to learn that you do best without eye shadow, unless you stay in neutral, skin-toned colors and keep it very simple.
  • Dramatics: You become much more alive with striking makeup. Have fun trying various methods of shadow application to accentuate your eyes.
  • Ingénues: Your makeup should be delicate and luminous, as if you have on no makeup at all. You may want to try a soft, lustrous color or two, but avoid the fashion trends unless they are very youthful.
  • Romantics:  Your look is glamorous and sensuous, if you are comfortable wearing eye shadow, do it; but be sure it is not too heavy or harsh or your sensuality will come across as inappropriate. Choose soft colors within your seasonal pallet and be sure to blend well.
  • Gamins: You may not want to wear eye shadow, but when you do you become so much more alive! Especially if you are of the Summer or Autumn pallets. Consider it. Choose real colors like blues, greens and whites to make your look defined, fresh and fun. (like you!)


One more thing: I must share the tip I have found to be the most helpful to all personalities: time yourself, and then evaluate the minutes you invested. Do you feel lovely? Was it worth the extra effort? Did you have more vigor through out your day? Were you more apt to think of others than of what they were thinking of you? If so, do it. Take that time for yourself, so that you can spend the other 15. 75 waking hours less self-conscious and more productive, energetic and others-conscious.