Tuesday’s Tip: Foundation

makeup tips
The great foundation factor

The next step, after skin care, in a good makeover is to create an even toned canvas. This is done with foundational makeup.


When choosing your foundation there are four things to consider:

  1. Moisture: foundations come in many types and weights. Choose one that works well with your skin type. If you have oily skin, you do not want a cream foundation that has a lot of moisturizing in it; if your skin is dry, you may want to avoid a powder foundation, unless it is over a liquid.
  2. Coverage: If you have fairly even and blemish free skin, you may find a light liquid, sheer tint, or powder foundation to be enough coverage.
  3. Undertone: knowing your seasonal pallet is a huge help here. If you have cool undertones in your skin, you will not be able to get a warm undertoned foundation to blend well (or visa versa) If you are unsure of which you are, choose a neutral based color.
  4. Depth of color: Your foundations should match your skin color. Pick a color that seems to match the back of your hand, test a small amount of the colors you are considering to your jaw line, the one that blends completely (disappears) is the correct color for you.

A couple additional tips:

  • Always use a makeup sponge or large brush (for powder foundation)
  • Apply small amount to cheeks, forehead, chin; blend down and out.
  • Blend into neck and decollate with makeup that remains on the sponge.
  • Allow to dry before applying other products.