Tuesday’s Tip: Loose Powder

The final step of a good makeover is one that often women dismiss, and seldom do routinely. It is the loose powder application. This product may be translucent, have a bronzing effect, or even give a bit of shimmer, but it’s effect is essentially to blend together the artistry you have just created and to give it a flawless appearance with staying power. It is mostly made of micro-fine talc, which absorbs the oils your skin produces as you go throughout your day and controls the shine so you look fresh longer.

There are no separate tips for the various Img.IDs on this finishing step, although I have found that the women who do not like makeup tend to resist giving it a try, until they do… then it becomes their favorite product and the often the only one they wear because it has great benefits, is simple and quick to apply, and it actually feels good on your face.

Remember when I blogged about blush lines and eye color, and I told you not to erase anything, but to wait til the final step? Well this is it. Applying loose powder over all your face, including your décolleté, brings it all together so the lines you have created have their effect in creating illusions you want, but are now much more natural in appearance. To do this, fill your largest, fluffiest brush with the powder and then tap the excess off. Stroke your face downward to avoid causing the peach fuzz to stand up. (If you have extra oily skin yo

u may want to use a powder puff to pat the product onto the face, creating a layer of product versus a dusting.)


Waa laa, you have completed your makeover.


One final reminder: loose powder is actually done before lip color, but I blog about it last to accommodate those who only do the simple makeovers. Also, remember that if the powder dusts your mascara, another application to your lashes is appropriate. (see Tuesday’s Tip: mascara)


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