Tuesday’s Tip: Skin Care

Some of you have been asking for makeup tips, and so for the next seven Tuesdays I will be sharing simple tips for your foundation, mascara, blush, lip color, eye liner, eye shadow and loose powder.  These tips will be given according to the various Img.IDs because not every woman can carry off the same style of makeup. (You Ingénue’s and Naturals may only want to read the next four weeks, since you may find the last several steps undesirable for your image.)

Today let’s talk about the most important step in a good makeover; a step too often overlooked.

The artistry of makeup is most alluring when applied to a canvas of clean, moist skin. If your skin is not freshly washed, toned and moisturized, you may find that your makeup does not blend well (and no-makeup is more appealing than streaked-makeup any day!) so be sure to freshen up before you make up.

Get into a skincare regiment twice a day. Washing your makeup off at night is important, because while you sleep your pours open up wide and any makeup residue sinks deep into them, but it is not enough to apply your makeup over last night’s moisturizer since your oil glands were also working in your sleep, not to mention the dust settling on your face all night. Repeat your regiment in the morning before your pours close in around that dust and oil and you should find that you will win the battle over blemishes. Note: this is true for all ages, but for us more mature ladies, our morning routine may be slightly different than at night if we are taking advantage of any of the amazing anti-aging technology that is available to us.

Skin care is chemistry; find the products that work well for you, and stick with them. Also be faithful to the full line of that product, do not mix and match; each step is designed to work with the others. Often a poor response to one product is because the ph balance does not work well with the other line you are using it with. Also, give each brand a full month to trial its benefits; it is wise to give your body chemistry a chance to run a full cycle. If you experience a breakout, and it is not a hormonal issue, it may be that your new product is more effective in drawing out impurities, and you may find it worth sticking out a few temporary pimples if you will have fewer breakouts in the future.

When a skin care regiment simply does not work for you, give it away and try another one. Well-groomed skin is simply too important to give up on. Invest in yourself.

Next Tuesday we will discus how to paint a beautiful image on your freshly prepared canvas. Perhaps this week you could take some time to give yourself a full facial… Have fun!


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  1. What’s up?, is anyone able to give information on a good way to get the cat eye look with eye-liner? thanks

    1. Blair,
      Did you see the the blog on eyeliner? You can find it at: http://catrinawelch.com/tuesdays-tip-eye-liner Really, trial and error are the best teachers.
      If you are really having a hard time making the cat eye look right on you, it could be that you are not a Dramatic Img.ID You may want to take the survey to find out which style eye make up works best for your personality. The survey on my site is a bit primitive, but you can find more details in my book of guidelines titled Know Who You Are you can find it in the “store” tab at http://catrinawelch.com/store
      Also, please consider having a Supreme MakeOver. I do individual and group (small or large) image assessments at a very fair price (adapted to the length of time and size of your group).
      Have fun finding “your look”!
      sincerely, Catrina

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