Well Dressed Beauty

Christian Dior once said, “It’s not money that makes you well dressed, it’s understanding.” In today’s economy, this is good news! If you know your personal Img.ID you can save yourself a lot of money.

Every woman has figured out that what looks good on her girlfriends may not necessarily look good on her. Knowing the general guidelines for your image can keep you from making the common (and costly) mistake of purchasing clothing that never gets worn.  The delicate girl may like bold colors and heavy fabrics, but they simply overpower her beauty, just as frills and lace on the strong, sporty girl make her look and feel awkward. Understanding these general rules before shopping can keep you from bringing home a wardrobe you love but never wear because it doesn’t feel like “you.”

So what makes you well dressed? Of course money helps, but it’s not necessarily the quality of clothing (although if you are a Classic or Romantic quality is important) that makes you well dressed. Generally speaking, each Img.ID should focus on only that which best accentuates her individuality. Like the lines on the roads, here are some simple rules to keep you on the path of confident, “well dressed,” beauty:

  • Classic: completed, coordinating outfits
  • Natural: texture; simplicity
  • Dramatic: accessories; fashion
  • Ingénue: light fabrics; youthfulness
  • Romantic: soft, flowing fabrics; femininity
  • Gamin: bold, contrasting color; clothing that holds its shape

I was asked recently if, by generalizing women, am I trying to put God in a box? I don’t think so; I think God designed us just as He did the flowers- in all shapes and sizes with all different kinds of needs. When we understand which type of woman we are, we know how to care for our beauty so that we can be well dressed. Thank God it’s not about money.


Catrina Welch is an image- and life-coach whose message is not as much “what not to wear” as it is, “Know Who You Are,” which is the title of her book of guidelines for your personal image identity. Catrina has also written a Bible study to help women overcome their image issues. It is titled Supreme MakeOver: a Rich and Refreshing Devotional Experience. Her other books include Footprints Through the Sand: a Consolidation of Life-altering stories about Loving and Loosing a Trisomy-18 Baby and Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You with the Images in Your Mirror and Your Soul, which will be available soon.

If you are interested in getting these books or having Catrina come speak at your event, you can contact her at www.CatrinaWelch.com or on facebook.

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