As Memorial Day quickly approaches lots of women are ready for new summer hairstyles. For the past few Wednesdays my “What 2 Wear” tips have been about making good choices depending on your facial shape (and Img.ID of course!). So far we have gone over styles for the oval and square faces, but there are 7 shapes in all, so what if your face is:

oval faceOblong

Your hairdresser knows that the goal of giving a new style to an oblong face is to give the illusion of more width. This can easily be done for most types of beauty (and this facial shape could be any Img.ID) by adding fullness in the crown and side areas, the only time creating this illusion is a real challenge is if you are determined to keep your hair long–especially if you want it one-length. It is especially hard to create volume if you don’t want to use product or blow-dry your hair, which is not unusual for Naturals or Gamines. If this is you, and you do not want to budge on the long, one-length thing, then just be sure to focus on makeup and accessory tricks that add width to you face (that’s a blog for another day).

diamond faceDiamond

Any hairstyle on a diamond-shaped face should be designed to give the illusion of more width at the forehead and chin or of less width at the cheeks. Your hairdresser may suggest that your hair be mid-neck length and full at the chin or asymmetrical with no bangs swept to one side. Most women with this shaped face are Natural, Dramatic or Gamine. Naturals, I would not suggest going with the asymmetrical option since it is not a casual look, nor does it do well as a wash-n-wear. This side-style does do well on the other two Img.IDs as long as it is kept up.

heart faceHeart

The heart-shaped face is characteristic of the Romantic and the Ingénue, which are the two very feminine beauties. Both of these girls do well with wispy or curly hairstyles. In fact, they usually have very fine hair, which is often very curly or very straight. Because the heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead, your hairstylist knows to be careful not to create too much fullness at the crown. I would not recommend bangs, but ask your stylist. The length is the key factor in creating the illusion of more width at your narrow chin so be sure to take her advice on that as well. Mid-neck or chin-length are usually best, depending on how long your neck is.

Next Wednesday lets talk about the round and pear shaped faces.

If you missed my explanation of the various facial shapes and my tips for the oval or square faces, you can find them on my website. Click the topic “hairstyles


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