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Catrina Welch is an accomplished author and life coach who explores personal image and confidence from a Christian perspective across her diverse body of work. Her main book, “Confident Beauty,” blends spiritual insights with practical advice to help women identify and confidently embrace their unique ‘Image Identities’ (Img.IDs), steering clear of vanity and comparison. Her children’s book, “Know Who You Are – for Kids!,” tackles body image from an early age, promoting self-acceptance among young readers. For adults, her work includes guides like “Know Who You Are,” which uses quizzes and practical advice to help readers find their personal style and feel confident in their appearance. Welch’s “Supreme MakeOver” delves into biblical teachings to help overcome confidence issues, while “Footprints Through the Sand” shares her personal stories of resilience and faith. Through her writings and blog, Welch fosters a path of self-discovery and confident, authentic living.
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Some of Catrina’s most popular speaking topics are:

  • Overcoming Confidence Conflicts
  • Beauty’s Power, Purpose and Potpourri
  • Imperfections and First Impressions
  • Image Issues That Hinder Each Img.ID.
  • Beauty In Balance: Not Desperate, Not Discouraged
  • Unwinding the Twisted-Truths That Cause Hurts, Hang-ups and Bad Habits
  • Finding Joy in the Midst of Sorrow
  • Receiving Comfort With Which You Can Comfort Others

If brutal circumstances, harsh words or past mistakes have hindered you or someone you know from being who you were designed to be, then a Supreme MakeOver may be just what you need to be set free!

Image and Life Coaching

Specializing in Supreme Makeovers (SMO) experiences. Our SMOs are designed to help women and children overcome Confidence Conflicts by unveiling their personal Image Identity (or Img.ID) and teaching them how to be and look their most powerful, authentic self every day. Our online Img.ID quiz does this on a very simple, surface level, contact me directly to plan a Supreme MakeOver event of your own!

Some Popular Supreme MakeOver (SMO) Editions:

  • Professional SMO: Empowering your team to work together more productively.
  • Ladies Night Out: Learning your Img.IDs together, creating unbreakable bonds
  • Teen SMO: Disarming the trap of comparison
  • Mother/Daughter SMO: Understanding our differences and learning to BE and LET BE
  • Women’s Ministry Events: Getting to the heart of the matter, unveiling the Truth about the Beauty Battle

Private (in person or virtually) SMOs also available, which could include: image consultation, color analysis, wardrobe weeding, shopping assistance, hair styling and/or makeup.

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CW What I Do 3
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Training Coaches

Become a Confident Beauty Coach and help others tackle their image issues using our Supreme MakeOver (SMO) system. Our certification program provides extensive training in personal styling, image psychology, and effective coaching techniques. Whether you utilize the SMO system or become fully certified, you’ll be equipped to guide clients through transformative journeys, helping them discover their unique Image Identities (Img.IDs) and build lasting confidence. Join us and make a significant impact in the lives of others.