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What is a Supreme MakeOver?

After more than three decades in cosmetology, I’ve learned a few “tricks of the trade” but my makeovers, and the confidence they seemed to offer, wear off.

Supreme MakeOvers don’t.

Don’t we all want to be beautiful? Yet very few women feel they are. In fact, I’d dare say that we all wish we could change something about our image! Sure, there are some seasons of life when we are more self-confident than others, but it is certainly not just the teen years that we face Image Issues.

  • Any rejection, big or small, imagined or real, relational or occupational will make us question our worth.
  • Mid-life can bring on a crisis.
  • A injury, setback or alteration in life, function or location are all grounds for a Beauty Battle.
  • Breakups–and certainly divorce–can cause a major struggle with the psyche of anyone at any age.

We all must wrestle with the question, “Who am I?” and no matter the cause of the doubt, the feminine heart will contend with her appearance. There’s really no way around it, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, beauty is a deep part of our identity.

We cannot settle insecurities in the mirror. Confidence must be settled in the soul.

Catrina Welch

If we don’t recognize beauty and its power to influence our self-image than we cannot be truly confident. We may be able to look another in the eye and shake a hand firmly, but our self-talk may still be consumed with our own self-worth, which is the opposite of confidence.

Throughout scripture there are many examples of Supreme MakeOvers (SMOs) because changing identities is what our God is all about. He loves to encourage our hearts, renew our minds, revive our spirits and breathe life into dead places. He is able to make all things beautiful in His time. And beauty is His passion. Pause a moment to consider how much beauty He created.

You are one example of His amazing creativity.

He is the “Supreme Stylist” and He has a plan for everything He makes. Trusting His heart and submitting to Him as your Creator will set you free from all fears and feelings of insignificance.

  • This is what Mary did when faced with the many difficulties of becoming an unwed mother.
  • It’s what Abigail did when her husband’s abuse nearly wiped out her whole family.
  • It’s what gave Hannah the strength to handle her rival and the shame of her infertility.
  • It’s what the orphan Esther did that made her the Queen who saved a nation.
  • It’s what Tamar did that blessed her after years of neglect, abuse and betrayal.
  • It’s what Eve did after utterly failing and causing the entire human race to be banned from paradise.

God gave me a SMO, too, when I was pregnant and abandoned; and it’s what He longs to do for you as well. Why? Because He is the Supreme Stylist. He offers peace that surpasses all understanding and He is able to take our ugly mess and turn it into a beautiful message.

A Supreme MakeOver is not a cosmetic application, it’s a metamorphosis. It changes you entirely. Forever.

Experience a metamorphosis-like makeover. It’s time to spread your beautiful wings and soar with confidence that doesn’t wear off like makeup does! There are a few ways you can take some “cocoon time” of transformation.

  • read SMO Devo, taking time alone to reflect and journal.
  • register for a group SMO Image Assessment event near you.
  • host a SMO event of your own with your friends, church or colleagues.
  • book a private SMO and receive some personal image coaching.
  • Ask me directly by emailing me at