What to Wear for the Bold Beauty

The Gamine Beauty is a strong, witty, hardworking, witty woman who is driven by justice. She has an eye for detail and a passion for purpose. No grass grows under her feet. If there is work to be done, the Gamine girl will get it done. Or she will tell someone to do it. If there’s fun to be had, you can’t hold her back there, either. “ALL IN” that’s the Gamine mantra.

The Beauty Battle for the Gamine is often fought within her own heart. Her strong presence and apparent convictions put up a front that protects her from most outside attacks, but because she has such a strong sense of justice and a intense work ethic, she can be rather hard on herself. Her fun side is often held back by her internal pressure  to always be  working. This carries over into her attire. Her beauty comes alive when she takes the time to follow her image guidelines, but too often she sees dressing up as playtime, so she throws on a quick outfit and out the door she goes. Fortunately, many of the career choices she makes requires a uniform, so this gets her off the hook and looking professional anyway–but if her job requires a more formal look she may need to make a little extra effort to bring the spunk into her image.

Gamine Motto: Do it, and forget it

The Bold Beauty’s wardrobe should be true to her quick-wit and eye for detail. She is bold and sassy and so should her attire be. The Gamine should always show her spunk. If she dresses like the Ingénue or Romantic she will be seen as a phony. Soft, sweet, gentle looks would contrast with her strong, convicted, passionate nature. Its one thing when a Delicate Beauty is trying to look strong, most of us understand that and are not offended, but when the Bold Beauty tries to hide her strength (or her image makes her look as if she is trying to hide her strength) it can be offensive, as if she is trying to pull on over on us.

It is very common that the Gamine considers herself a Casual Beauty, and very often she prefers the Natural and Classic styles but she must be careful not to be too laid back or too proper with her wardrobe. The key guidelines for the Gamine to accentuate her authentic beauty is to wear three bold, contrasting colors and to choose clothing that holds it’s shape.

When considering an outfit or store think to yourself, “Does it say ‘contemporary’, ‘snappy,’ or ‘chic’?”

Gamine Wardrobe:

  • Bright, contrasting, colors
  • outfits that are full of life and eye-catching detail such as animated clothing (or uniform) of many colors.
  • Mix it up; wear mix-and-match outfits
  • clothing with crisp form, such as that are very tailored.
  • straight sharp lines (especially hemlines and necklines) that are angular or asymmetrical
  • edges that are tailored, especially with contrasting stitches or trims.
  • Avoid rough textures and natural, muted or soft color schemes.

Patterns that blend, colors that compliment, styles that flow, these all fight with a strong nature. Gamines don’t beat around the bush; they say it like it is, so their outfit should make a statement that compliments who they are.

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Most Gamines love black and many of Gamine wardrobes are predominately this one color, (which could be killing the confidence of most styles-click here to learn why) but  since black is a power color and it commands the authority that the Gamine girl naturally has, she wears it well. But without adding other contrasting colors (especially white, yellow, red) black alone can drain the life and fun out of her. Actually, the Gamine should stay away from all monochromatic looks.

If you are a Gamine, choose one color to be your foundational color, but accessorize with two to three more colors. Wear black if you want, but wear a contrasting shirt, add some strong earrings, a fun belt, some colorful shoes and a bold purse (or at least a few of these options!) to show the world you are still in there full of life and full of fun (while you are working hard and staying focused!) 

Confident Beauty:

Just like any of the other styles, the secret to being a Confident Beauty, really is just to BE who you were designed to be. Gamine girls are not afraid to work, and from my experience, when they decide to work at branding their image with color and strength, it brings out the best in them. Gamines who have a balance between their fun and working sides are some of the most fun and enthusiastic people I know. It’s all about perspective.

Your image represents your personality, but your personality is influenced by your image.

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