What to Wear for the Casual Beauty

The Natural woman is a laid back, kind and considerate friend. She doesn’t draw much attention to herself, but she pays great attention to others. She is loyal and committed, even when treated poorly. She sees the other side of the picture and when people mistreat her, she considers where they are coming from and tends to give them grace quickly.

This doesn’t mean she’s a pushover, because she is definitely not. In fact, she will hold you accountable just as quickly as she will see your motive. Her compassionate nature will not condemn you for your wrongs, but nor will it let you off the hook easily. She knows you are not perfect but she also knows you need to put in the work just like she does. Best of all, she truly believes you can do what it takes, probably because she knows she can do what it takes.

Most Naturals are very athletic, or at least enjoy sports. I suppose the “go, fight, win!” mentality supports the core of who they are. Unless they feel defeated. Then they may prefer the bench or the bleachers or coach (because they are great fans, too).

The strength of the Natural is her impromptu nature, but like any strength, it can become too much at times. The major area of caution for this gal is that, if she allows herself, she can slip into depression or laziness. Very often, the first place this starts is with her wardrobe.

The Casual Beauty (my nickname for the Natural) tends to feel fashion is foolish and she really does not like to dress up. Comfort is her major desire when making wardrobe choices, so makeup, accessories and heels are just not her thing. To be honest, it’s better that way. The formal look only works for the Natural when it is not complicated. Anything frilly or fancy contradicts her simple nature.

Natural Motto: Keep it simple. Less is more.

The Natural is Authentic

The Natural is a tall, broad boned, rustic girl who puts on no pretense. She is who she is. If you have a problem with her, well then it’s your problem, not hers. She’s not going to judge you for that, though. You have the right to your opinion and she respects non-conformists, so you are not going to feel threatened by her.

Her image should reflect her heart.

When considering an outfit or store, think to yourself, “does it say, ‘sporty,’ ‘casual,’ ‘simple’?”

Natural Wardrobe:

The best look for the Casual Beauty is just that, casual. Jeans and a t-shirt, Athletic gear, country girl looks, oversized sweaters, sneakers or flats.

  • Unstructured looks; avoid tailoring.
  • Textured fabrics (woven, knitted, rough, nubby, tweeds, flannels, linens, denims).
  • Mix and match styles.
  • Minimal, subtle jewelry and makeup (lip gloss or mascara only or none).
  • Simple elegance for formal occasions (microfiber, crepe or velvet dress with little details).

Confident Beauty

It is not unusual for a Natural to get very frustrated with her wardrobe. In fact, she may give up on trying to look good. Creativity is just not her thing–although she enjoys beauty just as much as the other styles. When she goes out with her girlfriends and they are all decked out– even if she does dress up–she just doesn’t feel like herself, so it’s hard for her to enjoy herself.

Having said that, let me tell you that many other styles  feel that same struggle if they have no idea which style they are, but that doesn’t mean they are a Natural. For most styles, knowing how to “brand your beauty” is the secret to overcoming this Confidence Conflict, but for the Natural, this is a even bigger challenge because her “brand” is casual even on those more formal occasions.

If you are a Casual Beauty, I encourage you to BE who you were designed to be. Don’t hide your beauty by dressing down too much, but realize you can  also hide your greatest beauty with too much formality. You are a woman of balance find that balance in your formality and you will find that your beauty is absolutely desirable because it is authentic, relatable and inviting without being intimidating.

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