What to Wear for the Delicate Beauty

There’s something very attractive about the innocence of a child. Just being around a joyful little girl enjoying her playtime can lift the dreariest of attitudes and encouraged the depressed. That’s what it’s like to be around a Confident Ingénue.

ingénue | ˌanjəˈno͞o, ˈänjəˌno͞o |
an innocent or unsophisticated young woman, especially in a play or film.

The Delicate Beauty has a sweet, gentle way about her. She’s considerate and kind and she has a positive outlook on life–at least until someone takes advantage of her and she finds herself in a Beauty Battle. Because of her petite frame and soft voice, she is often an easy target for a “big bully” and because this girl feels things so deeply, when she is mistreated it may very well send her into an identity crisis.

Challenge the character of some girls and they will fight you back. Tell the Ingénue that it’s her fault that you hurt her and she will agree and join you in punishing herself!

You may be an Ingénue if you:

  • Are short in height but not stalky
  • Have a straight, petite frame with small hands and feet
  • Have gentle, friendly facial features (rounded cheeks, chin and eyes; long lashes; full lips; button nose)
  • Have delicate coloring (may be a redhead, but could be any seasonal palette)
  • Have fine, thin hair (may be straight or curly)
  • Are energetic, encouraging and creative
  • Have a high pitched voice and are often assumed to be younger than you are.
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By nature, the Ingénue is a pleasant, agreeable person who has her convictions but may take some time deciding what they are. When it comes to image, she is naturally drawn to the styles that agree with her:

  • Dainty florals and fine fabrics
  • Soft, feminine, flowing dresses
  • Simple, ornate shoes and accessories
  • Ribbons, bows and lace

Victorian looks–these are what she loves and these are the styles that compliment her beauty. These are also the styles that make a statement of innocence, which is why her image is often the battlefield when she feels violated. If she doesn’t feel sweet and innocent, she may not want to accentuate her delicate beauty and she certainly doesn’t want to look vulnerable. Very often this girl prefers to look older and tougher and less vulnerable, so she chooses styles that do not compliment her authentic beauty.

If you are an Ingénue I encourage you to take sometime to reconsider your convictions. There are times in life when we do need to put on a tough exterior in order to guard our hearts, but don’t let a season of difficulty rob the essence of who you are. There will always be cruel people out there looking for easy prey, but you are no longer an easy target if you’ve survived one big bully. You do not need to hide your sweet and gentle side in order to show your strength. BE who you were designed to be. Don’t allow bad experiences to define who you are; allow them to refine you instead. You may want to push others away and survive, but I encourage you to risk your heart again. Let your tender heart show. You know what a bully’s tactics now; don’t fall for that again, but don’t allow their ways to change your’s either.  An Ingénue who has learned to enjoy life with her carefree, compassionate nature is an absolute blessing to society. We need your beautiful creativity and the encouragement your joy brings!

Ingénue Motto: Lighten up, girl; I’m fine!

The Ingénue wardrobe (like her authentic heart) should be full of light, girly, fine fabrics, styles and patterns. Avoid anything overbearing or bulky. For ideas on outfits, hairstyles, accessories and manicures, see my Ingénue Pinterest board.

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