What to Wear for the Exotic Beauty

The Dramatic woman is just that: passionately expressive. Conversations with her are very deep and theatrically infused with emotional word-pictures. She’s a rather private person, but somehow doesn’t mind the spot light. In fact, many Dramatics take up their profession in the fine arts and are often found in the theaters or on television. These girls (and guys) put their whole heart into their performance and their long, lean physique is easy on the camera.

For the same reasons, many Dramatics are models, designers and cosmetologists.  They love fashion,  have a creative eye for detail and a strong drive for excellence, making them highly influential trend setters.

When considering an outfit or store, think to yourself, “does it say, ‘trendy,’ ‘hip,’ ‘extravagant’?”

Dramatics are influential

  • They are tall, so others look up to them physically.
  • They are excitable, so others want to keep them happy.
  • They are silent–except when they are talking a mile a minute–so they keep others guessing.
  • They are well organize and “put together”

The Dramatic’s zeal for excellence is sometimes interpreted as “untouchable” or “too good for others”

This Exotic Beauty may look and act strong, but in reality, she is a very sensitive girl. When she feels confident she is a fun, friendly and outgoing gal; she makes it fun for everyone around her. But when she feels down and out, she may become silent, but her expressions cannot hide her pain; you will know it.

The crazy thing is, as “put together” as these girls may be on the outside, they are usually quite hard on themselves on the inside and as intimidating as they may appear, they are seldom judgmental of others.

Except when they are  in the midst of a Beauty Battle.

Attack a passionate woman and she may just attack you back. The Dramatic is  hard to read (her appearance seems superficial, yet her heart is so deep; she’s outgoing yet keeps to herself; she’s strong yet sensitive) and often misunderstood. When false assumptions are made it is a  major Confidence Conflict for her.  She feels the harsh judgment as deep rejection.

  Dramatic Motto: Straight up modern and modest!

The body frame and physical structure of a Dramatic is sharp, straight and extreme and her personality is very expressive.  Her attire should make a statement, too.

If you are a Dramatic, I encourage you to dress true to your authentic self. You are a woman of excellence, so should your clothing be. Your clothing lines should be straight, your fashion high and your outfits well crafted with details. Focus on accessories and enjoy fashionable looks, but be careful to remain relatable.

Dramatic Wardrobe:

  • High-fashion wardrobe with trendy statement pieces.
  • Monochromatic outfits with long, sleek lines.
  • Choose only straight cuts; avoid curves, frills or flowers.
  • Tailored garments with severe lines.

Confident Beauty:

The Dramatic tends to give the impression that she is confident, even when she is not, simply because she has a way of putting together her image. Like any other style, when she dresses according to her Img.ID guidelines, she accentuates her true self. From my experiance, many Dramatics try to hide their expressive side because others have judged them harshly. People may think that you are trying to put on a facade, but your high-fashion side is your true self. BE who you were designed to be. When others try to knock you down, just consider where they are coming from. Your high standards may challenge other people, but if your heart is kind, and you offer your heart, then your influence can be a great encouragement instead of a threat.

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