What to Wear for the Refined Beauty

The Classic woman (AKA the Refined Beauty) is a well-organized manager. She’s a take-charge kind of gal who excels in administration with great authority. Instruction and correction come naturally for her and she takes the time to study the details of her interests.

She is tenacious and determined.

Many Classic are highly educated professionals and need their image to reflect their position. High quality, tailored looks compliment her clothing personality as well as her career requirements, whether she is an accountant, lawyer, CEO or administrator, refined styles are her best look.

Because this highly respected woman of prestige takes responsibility seriously, is so independent and values privacy so deeply, she often misses out on fun because her friends assume she would not want to “play” with them.  This doesn’t seem to bother her the way it does other women, at least not on the surface, because there’s a big part of her that prefers to keep a low profile no matter how high her position. Besides, she likes things done properly and when it comes to “playtime” the part of that is compelled to make things better can squelch the part of her that wants to let loose.

Classics are driven

Those that don’t understand her passion may consider her stuck in her ways, or think she makes things overcomplicated but we can all learn a lot from this woman’s self-discipline and good habits. A mature Classic woman is like an unfolded rose, who has so much beauty to offer the world. Like a rose, however, she does need time to open up.

It seems self-care is the area of most of her Beauty Battles. When she is facing Confidence Conflicts, she may dig her heals in to get her needs met, which may give her opposite results.

Most lessons that are hard to learn are the ones we learn the best. When the Classic finds peace with herself she becomes a woman of true Beauty in Balance. Instead of demanding help, or insisting she help others, she walks the tight rope with ease and elegance. She cares for her own needs without apology and respectfully offers herself to others without insistence.

Classic Motto: Proper elegance

If you are a Classic, you are an elegant woman of prestige who likes to do things right.  Your image should elegantly reflect that prestige with modest professionalism. 

Remember: “First impressions are lasting impressions.” When you expect high standards of yourself, others assume that you expect the same of them, and they may feel intimidated by that. Don’t compromise who you are, but be sure to give others the freedom to be who they are, too. When you are not working, Relax a little with your formalities. A good place to start is with your image.

When considering a store, ask yourself, “Does it say ‘fashionable,’ ‘defined’ ‘contemporary’?”

Caution: By definition, “Classic” does not change much over the years, and because of this, you may not be concerned about your wardrobe being up to date. Typically, Classics do not shop often. Be careful not to let your wardrobe get outdated, or you will give the impression that you are stuck in your ways.

Classic wardrobe:

  • Traditional and professional looks that are not too conservative.
  • Avoid any extremes: textures, lines, colors.
  • Choose high quality but not extravagant
  • Choose fashion trends (not fads) to stay currant.
  • Coordinate everything from head to toe, including belts, bags and shoes.
  • Focus on a base (solid) color scheme, especially if money is limited.
  • When choosing a print, find evenly balanced patterns that are easy on the eye
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