What to Wear for the Romantic Beauty

Many women wish they had a figure 8, but those with a full figure frame may not appreciate it. A strong bust line draws a lot of attention and can become a big frustration. This is a common problem for the Romantic Beauty. It doesn’t matter what her weight is; with or without extra pounds, a true figure 8 always has the full bosom with a waistline ten inches smaller. The full, balanced figure with rounded hips along with long lashes and round eyes make the Romantic’s outward beauty appealing, but her heart is also very attractive.

A Romantic has rich coloring and fine hair, which represent her deep heart and gentle ways very well.The practical, self-sacrificial nature of the Romantic, however, presents a challenge when it comes to her image. She loves fashion and enjoys shopping, but it’s hard for her to spend money on herself–unless it’s shoes, because that’s “her thing.”

The Romantic has a petite feet and loves stilettos. When she wears them she comes alive.

The Romantic comes alive whenever she dresses in soft, flowing outfits that compliment her curves and accentuate her femininity. Unfortunately, she tends to see dressing up as a luxury and would rather not draw attention to herself (unless she is actively fighting the Beauty Battle). Also, her practical nature fights her desires for new clothes, saying, “I don’t really need that.”

If you love beautiful, feminine high heel shoes, yet seldom wear them, you may be a Romantic.

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If you are a Romantic, I encourage you to BE the Glamorous Beauty that you were designed to be. Don’t hide your figure and don’t draw attention to it. Just relax and BE your authentic self. Enjoy your curves. The rest of us wish we had them! But don’t let our jealousy make you uncomfortable with who you are.

Also, be careful of the temptation  to use your “girl power” to draw attention to yourself in an immodest way, your value is not in your figure frame, it is in your heart.

The Romantic is the epitome of feminine beauty but the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” is a death threat to her sophisticated, glamorous beauty.

Instead the Romantic’s image should be as pure and sweet as her true heart.

Romantic Motto: When you’ve got it, there’s no need to flaunt it

Romantic Wardrobe:

If you are a Romantic, your image will be most attractive when you wear soft, feminine looks that compliment your curves. Be careful not to reveal too much or you may distract from your greatest power, which is in your mystery. Balance is the key:

  • Avoid anything tight and clingy or loose and baggy.
  • Avoid thin or poor quality fabrics or anything revealing such as low neckline or short hemline.
  • Choose fabrics and accessories (including costume jewelry) that are feminine or floral but not too heavy, bulky or rough in texture.
  • Choose rounded lines and soft curves with sweet, ornate accents and , feminine patterns such as oversized florals and polka dots or feathery shapes.
  • Always show fluidity, head to toe, and accentuate the waistline.
  • Avoid straight, sharp, horizontal or symmetrical lines and shapes.
  • Stay away from tailored looks or anything that hangs straight on you (especially big baggy sweatshirts!).



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