You Know You Are a Bold Beauty if…

Character: The Gamine comes across as a very confident woman, because she has learned to stand tall though she is often towered over by her peers. She is very opinionated and has a way of persuading others to be of the same opinion; she is not afraid to say it like it is.

The Gamine is much like the Calla Lilly; she is strong, sturdy and full of color and variety. The trumpet-shaped petals of the Calla Lilly are bright and bold and contrast with its thick leaves or any secondary color it may have. This flower can endure almost any condition; the more colorful it is the more it may need warmth, but the white ones bloom even in stormy, cold conditions. We need Gamines in this world; they thrive in situations where most of us would not know what to do. When they see crisis, they jump to action—like the flower that pokes through the ground before the rest of the plant. When the Calla Lilly does that, a new gardener might get the impression that something is wrong; when Gamines suddenly appear with their opinions or corrections, they may give off a first impression that doesn’t accurately display their true nature. She may appear to be judgmental, but the truth is she is passionate about justice. Sometimes this woman’s eagerness to fix things is like the Calla Lilly’s fragrance (which isn’t as appealing as most flowers), and people may step back from her, but she will always be admired, even if it’s from a distance, because this woman’s powerful presence is undeniable.

Calla-LilyGamines are focused women who know how to have fun. Sometimes their focus makes them forget about fun, but when they let loose they are the life of the party (and they may then forget about the focus, but don’t we all?) They are generally full of energy and multitalented. They are people-oriented, but sometimes assumed not to be, since their intense work ethic can override their people skills at times. Gamines don’t stop to think about how hard something is, and they don’t care if you agree with them or not; if they feel something should happen they will do it immediately (or they will tell you to do it immediately).

The Gamine does well in public relations where she can deal with people in groups more than individually, since her straight-up, to-the-point words are a bit too strong for the tender-hearted to hear directly, but are very helpful to hear generally. People are inspired by her energetic drive and charming personality, and because she has the boldness to deal with tender or embarrassing matters and has great enthusiasm for life and for others.

Gamines don’t like to be pressured by anyone other than themselves. If you are a Gamine, your drive for life makes you a great cheerleader, coach, lawyer or negotiator of some kind. You would do well in the medical field as well, because of your quick wit, level head and passion to fix things. You are a woman in control, but full of fun and your attire should reflect who you are. Choose strong, bold, contrasting colors in outfits that hold their form. You are a compassionate, get-it-done kind of gal, be sure to put as much effort into showing your love for others as you do correcting what is wrong.

And don’t be so hard on yourself.

Just sayin. You have an eye for straight lines, but if you are a little off center, most people don’t notice. If they do, most likely they’re not as passionate about perfection as you are, so let it go. You may not realize the power of your influence, but when you lighten up  and let your fun side out, the attmosphere around you becomes more fun and God knows the rest of us need your fun side so please share it! 

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