You Know Your a Natural Beauty if…

The Natural woman is the epitome of casual beauty; she is a sporty, outdoors kind of gal who makes others comfortable around her, because she is comfortable with herself.

She is like a wild flower, this style of beauty is simple and playful. The Natural’s bright cheer brings life to any occasion, making a formal affair even more fun and a casual event more inviting. Like a simple flower which only requires basic care and sunlight, the Natural’s carefree nature should not be overdone with too much attention to details. She is strong and sturdy and able to endure most environments as long as she is not overwatered or placed where there is no sun. The one area of concern the Natural does need to pay attention to is in maintaining her beauty. The flower needs to have old blossoms removed or they will suck the life out of the plant’s ability to bloom more. This woman needs to do the same with her wardrobe. She has her favorite items of clothing and may continue to wear them even after they are worn out or stained, which will drain the life out of her beauty.

Natural beauties aren’t as concerned for themselves as they are others. I know of many women like this who put up with abuse for years, but when someone else was in danger, they don’t put up with it at all. These gals don’t really care about what other people think; they care about helping people. They are dependable and loyal women who are not afraid of work. They will do whatever it takes to encourage those they love.

natural daisySome assume she lacks motivation. By nature a Natural is faithful and supportive; when she hears of the needs of others, she wants to meet them. Yet when someone hurts or neglects her, she let’s it roll off her back, knowing that they are the ones with the problem, not her. Most Naturals have good people skills. They know how to handle other people’s foolishness without dishonoring them. To others, however, this attitude may appear to be a lack of respect for concern for life. While the Natural does have a way of making things “no big deal” she is far from lazy or unconcerned with life.

Very often co-dependent women take responsibility for the wrongdoing of others, and try to cover up their mistakes, especially when they are abused. Naturals, however, when they do this, they do so with wisdom and boundaries.

If you are a woman in a difficult situation, I encourage you to get around a Natural. These Casual Beauties have a way of having a healthy codependency. Perhaps this is because most of them have a lot of faith. They are simple, realistic people, but they tend to lean toward optimism no matter how bad life can be. We would all do well to remain calm, cool and collected our circumstances get out of control. Of course, this is a lot easier if we, too, have faith that that all things will work to our good in the end.


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose passion is empowering women and girls to BE and LET BE. Her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach, as well as her personal experiences with abandonment and grief make her message relatable to anyone dealing with rejection, betrayal or loss.

Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, is now available as an audiobook. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at


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