Your Most Valuable Accessory

Smile, it increases your face value.

When I was a young teen my dad would always tell me that I looked so much prettier when I smiled. Of course what I heard was that I looked ugly and harsh and I needed to be more pleasant. I admit that when I’m far less defensive now, in my forties, but still I often catch myself in the mirror with that horrible look of seriousness. I may even wear the pondering look more now than I did back then, after all what was there to be so serious about back then?

Laughter doeth good like a medicine.

 Scientists will tell you that humor actually heals the body- so does God’s Word. It’s a truth that’s not hard to believe if you’ve ever tried laughing when you are feeling sick or depressed. It may be hard to get started, but while laughing, it is hard to feel pain. 

Today I encourage you to laugh a little, smile when you feel down and out, keep going because

The joy of the Lord is your strength and He gives you all you need for life and for godliness, and He makes everything beautiful in His time.