True confidence is not found in the mirror until it is settled in the soul.

I’ve spent 30 years in the beauty industry as both a cosmetologist and an image consultant; makeovers make a woman feel confident. But when the hair goes flat, so does the energy and enthusiasm! After being certified as a Biblical counselor, my passion developed from simply helping women with “What 2 Wear” to empowering them with confidence and beauty.


Because the wounds of a woman’s heart often effect how she feels about her image. A woman’s beauty is not her value, but it is a core source of her confidence. Too often she is either discouraged because her beauty has hurt or disappointed her-or she is desperate to attain (or regain) the image she desires.

I call this the beauty battle. Each type of woman manages this emotional war according to her style (her personal Image Identity or Img.ID). Like flowers, feminine beauty comes in a diverse array of shapes and styles:combo flowers transperant

Refined (Classic-Rose)

Exotic (Dramatic-Bird of Paradise or Protea)

Casual (Natural-Daisy)

Glamorous (Romantic-Orchid)

Bold (Gamine-Calla Lilly)

Delicate (Ingénue-Baby’s Breath)

Some of them are strong; others are sensitive. Some love fashion; others think it is foolish. Understanding the power, purpose and potpourri of beauty empowers women to BE and LET BE.

There is nothing I love more than to use my gifts of teaching and encouraging to minister to women of all ages who are fighting the battles in life that I have had to fight, namely the emotional and spiritual battles that come with rejection, betrayal and grief. I want you to experience what I call a Supreme MakeOver and to be released like a butterfly from the cocoon that guards your heart. I’ve been in the place of desperation like most women who HATE, HIDE and get HUNG UP on how we look. I was set free when I began to understand the heart of God, the “Supreme Stylist” toward my beauty. I want that for you, too, because Confident Beauty shouldn’t wear off like makeup does!

I would love to come share the message of Confident Beauty with your friends, association or colleagues, would you consider having a:

  • Fun & informative girls night out
  • Professional branding your image workshop for your business, association or network. 
  • 3 hour to 3 day personal-enrichment Supreme MakeOver party or retreat for your club, association or ministry.
  • Small or large fundraising author event or book signing

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SMO BUTTERFLY1“I hated even the word “beauty” before my Supreme MakeOver. I didn’t think I had it, and I thought wanting it was wrong. After learning my Img.ID and how to look my personal best, I have become free from shame and comparison. I am now confident, energetic and more compassionate toward others.”  Leona, 62, Massachusetts




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