True confidence is not found in the mirror until it is settled in the soul.

Most women Hate, HIDE, or get HUNG UP on their appearance.
Because the wounds of a woman’s heart often effect how she feels about her image. A woman’s beauty is not her value, but it is a core source of her confidence. Too often she is either discouraged because her beauty has hurt or disappointed her-or she is desperate to attain (or regain) the image she desires.
The typical cliches don’t help!

Yes, “God loves you just the way you are” and “beauty is on the inside” but tell a girl who feels ugly and unwanted this and you are only making her feel ashamed of her God-given desire for beauty.

What does help?

Catrina sharing message of Confident Beauty

As an inspirational speaker and image consultant,  you and I can help women and girls who hate, hide or get hung up on their appearance understand their style of beauty so that they can BE who they were designed to be and find FREEDOM from comparing their beauty to the other styles. I call this coaching experience a Supreme MakeOver (SMO). By having or hosting a SMO you can help share this message with your friends, family and colleagues.

Like flowers, feminine beauty comes in a diverse array of shapes and styles:combo flowers transperant

  • Refined (Classic-Rose)
  • Exotic (Dramatic-Bird of Paradise or Protea)
  • Casual (Natural-Daisy)
  • Glamorous (Romantic-Orchid)
  • Bold (Gamine-Calla Lilly)
  • Delicate (Ingénue-Baby’s Breath)


My books and blogs are all about helping you overcome confidence conflicts and image issues by understanding the purpose, power, and potpourri of beauty-YOUR beauty. And yes, you have a beauty all your own. I call it your personal image identity, or your Img.ID, and I would love to help you define which of the six styles–or which combination of beauty–you are.

My passion to make people beautiful began at a very young age. I became a licensed cosmetologist in 1986, fresh out of high school. I loved how my clients, would suddenly feel confident and more energetic after a new hairstyle.

But makeovers wear off.

I soon discovered that the same girl who bounced out of my chair with gratitude would avoid me in the grocery store if she was having a bad hair day.

With a desire to equip women to accentuate their own beauty each morning so that they could forget about themselves for the rest of the day, I set out to become an image consultant. It was during that time that my own confidence was rocked. My husband (now ex) turned his attention to other women while I was pregnant with our first child.

There is a very deep emotional beauty battle that wounded women face. 

Each style of beauty tends to handle these Confidence Conflicts differently. As one of the sensitive beauties, I became desperate to prove myself. My life wasn’t about everyone else anymore, instead it was all about me and my needs. And I NEEDED to look good because I felt so worthless. But it didn’t matter how good I looked, my desperation was ugly.

Looking back, I am glad I went through that time because it equipped me to help more women and girls. The longing to be lovely runs so deep in a woman’s heart that once it has been violated, she must protect it. This is why so many of us HATE, HIDE or get HUNG UP on our appearance. But there is a better way. 

I found it in my desperation, and I want to share it with you. 

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When confidence conflicts arise you can let go of the vows that men, media and your mom have caused you to make. You don’t have to hate your body or hurt yourself any more. Stop spending your money on fashion, products and services that do nothing for you.

CONFIDENT BEAUTY doesn’t give up on feeling desirable because beauty balanced with FASHION AND FAITH has tremendous appeal!

Every day I am helping women break free from the cocoon that guards their heart so that they can soar with the confidence to BE who they were designed to be and I would love to help you, too.


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“I hated even the word ‘beauty’ before my Supreme MakeOver. I didn’t think I had it, and I thought wanting it was wrong. After learning my Img.ID and how to look my personal best, I have become free from shame and comparison. I am now confident, energetic and more compassionate toward others.”  Leona, 62, Massachusetts