Get Your Img.ID

A typical image consultation goes into a lot more detail than we can online, or in a book, but we can have fun trying! A huge part of your Personal Image Identity is your clothing personality, of which there are 6. You may be a combination of two or (very rarely) three.

Your primary style is determined by your physical features.

Use the illustrations below to help you analyze your physical features. In order to simplify this very complicated process, I have created an Image Assessment Chart to guide you.  I use this when doing group Supreme MakeOvers, where we go over a lot more of the details, but if you are someone who likes to figure these things out for yourself, feel free to use it.

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Once you figure out your personal Image Identity (Img.ID), be sure to click on that style in my “topics” block (in right column), where you will find an array of information about that style. Also, be sure to find me on  Pinterest, where I have a board for each Img.ID to help you pick clothing, hairstyles, etc that will compliment your authentic beauty.

Have fun!

Image Assessment Quiz

Your height is the most significant physical attribute in determining your Img.ID


Average: 5’4″-5’7″

If you are average height, you could be any of the clothing personalities. (Mark A, B, C, D, E and F on your Image Assessment chart.)

Tall: 5’8″ or more

If you are tall, you are most likely a Natural or a Dramatic (Mark B and C on your chart.)

Short: 5’4″ or less

If you are short, you are most likely a Ingénue, Romantic or Gamin (Mark D, E and F on your chart)

Your facial features are also significant physical attributes in determining your Img.ID

Which illustration is most like your eyes?

Mark the columns in your chart which represent your eyes.


Which illustration is most like your lips?

Mark the columns in your chart which are represent your lips.

 Which illustration is most like your nose?

 Mark the columns in your chart which represent your nose.


NOTE: there are other significant physical attributes in determining your Img.ID

KWYA cover
A  more COMPLETE image assessment is available in Know Who You Are: Guidelines for your Personal Image Identity


cover-ConfidentBeauty CVR
A simple assessment is available in Confident Beauty: Reflecting the One Who Made You with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul

Each of these books can be found on Amazon.