Classic Image Identity

CW Classic 1

Professional. Calm, poised, warm, gracious, refined, polished, elegant. Cultured, meticulous; usually well educated and highly respected.

The Refined Img.ID

(timeless, but fashionable)

Classic’s Motto: Proper elegance


Professional, refined, polished, elegant.


Smooth, balanced, controlled


To be well put together and sophisticated

Focus on:

The Classic Img.ID is a subtly strong individual who likes structure and order. With an eye for detail, (s)he takes education seriously. If this is you, making decisions is not your strength, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations!

As a “Proper Img.ID” you will find that you most accurately represent yourself when you dress professionally. Most Classics find themselves in some kind of place of authority (law, administration, management) or of advisement (design, finance, psychology), but even if your career does not call for professional attire, and even on your days off, you will find that you look your best when you wear clothing that is tailored.

Your casual look can still be jeans and Ts, but chose designer jeans and throw on a fitted jacket, this will best represent your authentic self.

Details are important to you, so should they be to your wardrobe. Always finish your look with belts, bags and shoes that coordinate. Remember to wear quality accessories too. You may not naturally be a “finisher” but just as this may cause problems in your career, so will it undermine your authenticity. You are good at creating systems, create a system for caring for yourself, too.

Caution: Classics can become boring, predictable, too conservative. Be careful not to dress too formally for casual atmospheres.

Some Examples

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