Dramatic Image Identity

CW Dramatic 1

Artsy or Sophisticated, Unique, imaginative, independent, sophisticated, demanding, stylish; usually well known. Most often very interested in fashion and beauty.

The Exotic Img.ID

(high fashion, trendy, modern)

Dramatic’s Motto: Straight up modern and modest!


Unique, fashionable statements


Trendy, bold, straight


To have the latest look

Focus on:

The Dramatic is long and lean in physique, highly expressive and excels at anything creative. If this is you, you are business minded and a hard worker, with a drive for excellence, and a love for esthetics, which tends to set a high bar to those around you. You may not recognize it, but you are highly influential and others enjoy being associated with you. It takes a confident person to break through your tendency to keep personal matters to yourself and get to know you, however, which may leave you feeling alone in this world. Getting to know yourself and giving yourself the grace you give others is the secret to overcoming this obstacle, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations!

As an “Exotic Beauty” you will find that you most accurately represent yourself when you follow fashion. Most Dramatics find themselves in some kind of creative art (performance, graphic design, cosmetology, fashion, etc) but whether your career calls you to the stage or not, keeping current with your style is always going to be your best look.

You are outspoken and fun and your eye for detail is the core of who you are and people need to see these qualities in your attire. You may have been “hushed” most of your life, but in order to feel like your authentic self, you need to come out of hiding. No matter how small or large, formal or informal your wardrobe is, focus on accessories. Your personality is full of enthusiasm, your outfits should be accentuated as well. Jewels, hats, scarves, bags, shoes, glasses, make the Dramatic come alive, have fun with them.

Your strength is in your popularity and the way you make others feel special. Use this strength for yourself too. Allow yourself to be all that you were designed to be. By showing those you love that you can be vulnerable and approachable, you will give them the space to open up as well.

Caution: Dramatics sometimes come across as very aloof; don’t wait for others to build relationships, choose to make the first move.

Some Examples

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