Natural Image Identity

CW Natural 1

Casual, unpretentious. Conservative, practical, reliable, dependable, responsible loyal; usually well loved. Often thinks beauty and fashion is nonsense.

The Casual Img.ID

(sporty, casual, or “country”)

Natural’s Motto: Keep it simple. Less is more.


Sporty, simple comfortable


Low-maintenance, informal



Focus on:

The Natural Img.ID is strong and athletic in physique, and tenacious and faithful in character. If this is you, comfort is important to you all around: you want to be comfortable and you want those around you to be comfortable, too. Although you are a hard worker, you tend to feel selfish if you care for yourself, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations!

As a “Casual Img.ID” you will find that you most accurately represent yourself when you dress informally. Most Natuals find themselves in sports, nature or some kind of self-help business (like nutrition), but whether your career calls you to casual attire or not, keeping it simple is always going to be your best look.

Jeans and Ts, sweats and scrubs are all a great look on you and “dressing down” is the best way to represent your authentic self. Even on formal occasions, keep the details minimal and your fabrics textured (like velvet or ….).

Details are not important to you, so do not let your wardrobe become cluttered with extras or you may get overwhelmed. Don’t worry about you belts, bags, shoes or jewels; one set per season is fine for you. I give you official permission to repeat these same accessories every day. Just be sure you change up the clothing often enough. Naturals tend to wear their favorites until they no longer look good… and sometimes beyond.

Your strength is in your faithful loyalty and the way you make others feel good. Use this strength for yourself too. You don’t shop often, so when you do, chose clothes that will last long and hold their shape. Learn to take care of yourself. By showing those you love that you respect yourself, you will make them respect you as well, but not only that you will give them permission to take care of themselves, too.

Caution: Naturals can become masculine, outdated, too plain, or dumpy. Find your place between over-casual & too formal

Some Examples

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