Romantic Image Identity

CW Romantic 1

Feminine, charming, sensitive, sympathetic, accommodating. Sensual, alluring, glamorous, flirtatious. Usually much desired. Often deeply hurt by beauty

The Glamorous Img.ID

(curvy, alluring, and feminine)

Romantic’s Motto: When you’ve got it, there’s no need to flaunt it.


Glamorous, sculpted, flowing, rich


Curly or fringed layers


Keep your look sophisticated and Mysterious. Avoid thin, cheap or revealing wardrobe/accessories. Keep them guessing; your beauty is obvious, flaunting it lessens it.

Focus on:

The romantic is a compassionate and gentle spirit who is keen to her/his senses. If this is you, you have an innate gift for hospitality and tendency to make others feel comfortable when in your space. Allowing yourself to be the recipient of attention is a challenge for you–especially when it comes to beauty, so coming to this result is a big win for you, congratulations!

As a “Glamorous Img.ID” you will find that you most accurately represent yourself when you dress with quality and fluidity (chose flowing fabrics with substance). Most Romantics find themselves in some kind of personal relations service (like hospitality, health care or customer service). If your career call for scrubs be sure to add something refined or sweet, like a floral scarf or painted nails.

Your casual look can still be jeans and Ts, but chose designer and throw on a fitted jacket and you will still represent your authentic self.
Atmosphere is important to you, consider how your wardrobe speaks to others. Don’t hide your beauty, share it. This is not always easy for Romantics. Your body may have been the reason others have hurt you, and you may not like your full figure, but when you pull back from others, they will feel they need to hide from you.

Balance is your key. Wear the beautiful shoes you love, and hold your head when you do, for your beauty has a way of inviting others into a peaceful place, but only when you are at peace with who you are.

Caution: Romantics can tend to look cheap or provocative if not careful. Be sure to choose quality fabrics and accessories, and be certain your clothing fits appropriately. Romantics often value others more than themselves, do not neglect yourself.

Some Examples

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