Perfect Pics and Body Image

Right after taking a class on Photoshop at a Geek Girl Tech Conference this weekend I was challenged with some questions about today’s media: Are they to blame for the fact that so many girls have image issues today? I don’t think so. I agree that technology’s ability to correct figure flaws and imperfections can cause … Continue reading Perfect Pics and Body Image

Overcoming Image Issues

Image issues often start with a simple opinion. Sometimes a child’s taunting “your ugly” still rings in a woman’s ears 40 years later. I have counseled girls with obsessions over things about their body that they felt were huge issues. In reality their image issues were minor flaws that were like a juggler vein that … Continue reading Overcoming Image Issues

Image Assessment: Physical Attributes

As a professional with a passion to help women understand their style of beauty, I can’t help but want to provide the valuable service of an image consultation for every one of my readers. Of course this is unrealistic, but through the years of doing group consultations I have worked hard on creating a system … Continue reading Image Assessment: Physical Attributes

Is a Rich and Satisfying Life Even Possible?

Most of us are searching and striving for a life of peace and joy, which always seems just out of reach. Perhaps we will be satisfied when we get a new job, find a husband, or move… Maybe life will be better when we finally have children… or when they finally reach the next stage, get out of the house, or at last, (Lord, please!) are set free of their sickness or  sin….

Surely a peaceful and pleasant life is unattainable –at least not as long as we are always longing for another time or place. 

Jesus made it very clear in John 10:10, that He came to give us a rich and satisfying life, and that there is an opposer. We have an enemy who works very hard to keep us from living the life God called us to. The problem is, our enemy is very cleaver. He loves to disguise himself and make us think the problem is not him, but it is our child, our spouse, our boss or even our friend.

Very seldom, however, does he prompt us to think the enemy is ourself. Yet, truth be told, we are often our own worst enemy. 

Think about it; do you have any habits that hinder or sabotage your own life? Do you ever speak badly about yourself? Do you give up on yourself or hurt yourself–intentionally or subconsciously?

A rich and full life is not about riches. A bigger house or better car will never satisfy, because there is always more to attain. 

Rich relationships will certainly satisfy, but not at all times; they will always face opposition . Love may kindle with no effort, but the flame will burn out if it is not tended to.

The secrets to a rich and satisfying life is really not so secret–in fact, Jesus revealed the way throughout the same chapter (John 10) many years ago:

  • Follow only Him
  • Recognize His voice, get to know Him
  • Run from deceivers
  • Be free, enjoy good pastures
  • Be unified with His people

Although these secrets may be simple, there are certainly hard battles that must be fought in order to experience the rich and satisfying life that truly IS possible. I’d like to explore this with you over some coming blogs, but for now I encourage you to get to know the voice of God, because certainly the most important part to a rich and satisfying life is in following the Good Shepherd. If we do not know His voice, we may follow the bleating of another lost sheep and end up in the herd of a deceiver.  

I love to listen to God’s voice amongst the waves crashing on the beach. There is something about the salt air and soft winds that speaks to my heart and makes me very aware of His presence. How about you? Where or how have you heard the voice of God in your past? Was it while reading your bible, rocking a baby or climbing a mountain? Was it during a worship service or through a conversation with a friend? 

How you hear from God is a big indicator of your Img.ID:

C: The Classic Reading, Studying, Vacation.

N: The Natural Getting out in Nature, Alone time.

D: The Dramatic Relationships, Worship, Beauty.

I: The Ingénue Arts, Crafts, Photography.

R: The Romantic Baking, Creating, Singing.

G: The Gamine Preaching, Music, Coaching.

Click the letter to learn more about that Image Identity, including What2Wear.

Whatever it is that helps you hear the voice of God, do it more. 

Listen carefully, and when you hear Him, write it down. If you don’t hear Him right away, keep trying for He is ready to be found.

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Author and speaker, Catrina Welch, is the founder of Confident Beauty Image- and Life-Coaching. After 30 years in the beauty industry as both a cosmetologist and image consultant, she developed a fun and interactive way of doing group image assessments. These events she calls Supreme MakeOvers because they do not wear off like makeup does! To learn more about having or hosting a private or group SMO Image Assessment event -or if you are interested in becoming a certified consultant yourself, contact her today! She can be found on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, Linked In, Goodreads, or visit her at

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