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The name of the Img.ID of the Bold Beauty

7 Steps to Branding your Image like Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has the twitter world in an uproar over his difficult decision of What2Wear. Tens of thousands of people are commenting on this internet entrepreneur’s approach to fashion. Some called him creepy, obnoxious, arrogant, weird…. some even question whether he might be a psychopath! All because he has branded his image with extreme simplicity.

Wearing the same attire daily is not an unusual thing, especially Continue reading 7 Steps to Branding your Image like Mark Zuckerberg

Assuming the Rest of the Story

By nature, if we don’t know “the rest of the story” our minds will assume.

Matthew 1:23 "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"--which means, "God with us."

I can only imagine what people assumed about Mary and how they treated her when news got out that she was pregnant.

My son and I had been living in a new area for a several weeks, before we finally had the opportunity to meet our neighbor. She was a lot older than I, but my wish was to make a friend close by. As soon as she turned to respond to my “hello’ I knew a friendship was unrealistic. Looking down her nose at us, she snapped, “Where’s your husband?”  Continue reading Assuming the Rest of the Story

How to Overcome Toxic Thoughts

You and I encounter more toxins in a day than our grandparents did in their life time. Found in our beauty products, diet, habits, environment, and even our emotions, toxins are clogging the receptors in our bodies that were designed to bring the proper nutrients to our organs. No wonder so many of us have health issues!

While in school, we learned the science of health and nutrition, but some of us haven’t really thought about it since then. We know we should be careful about what we put in our body but really, unless this is a field of interest, who really gives toxins much thought? Not me, at least not until recently when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.

There is no medicine or surgery to help my ailments. And, like most sicknesses, it only gets worse without lifestyle changes. So I am on a kick to have a better diet, more sleep and exercise, less stress and toxins. And I’m finding the need to take better care of myself a Confidence Conflict.

Why is this so hard to take care of our own needs? 

mother-son-1546365-640x480I realize that some women are very good at taking caring for themselves (especially you Classics and Gamines) and that some women can be consumed with their own needs (especially any woman with a wounded heart), but typically, most women have a hard time spending time or money on themselves. Especially while her kids are dependent on her.

As moms, we train the little ones in self-care routines and make sure they get their sleep, but we hurry through carrying for our own needs and we don’t go to bed on time ourselves. How many times have you made the family’s breakfast, packed their lunch and then realized you forgot to eat? I do that all the time! Nutrition 101: no energy is gained by handling food, it must be consumed. I’m still learning.

Even selflessness can get out of balance. Like putting the oxygen mask on the passenger next to us while gasping for breath without our own, loving our neighbor is hard if we do not love ourselves. This is logically, right? Then why is it so hard for us to get it emotionally? It it important to know how to fight prediabetes.

Good people put others first. If we want the “good person” badge, doesn’t that mean we need to be able to say “I put myself last”? But speaking like that is self-martyrdom and it does nothing except boast of a false humility.

Imagine the chaos of a plane going down with all the passengers trying to save everyone else and no one taking care of themselves. Sometimes putting others first means taking care of ourselves.

Back to the basics

In an effort to decrease the toxins in my body, I am now using certified, pure therapeutic grade essential oils for my hair and skin care. I also use them for adrenal support and aromatherapy. Because of this, I have gained a new understanding of the commandment to “pray for the sick and anoint them with oil.” James 5:14 My morning makeover now includes praying through each step of my routine and it is empowering me in many ways.

When we start our day by caring for ourselves, we are free to be more generous. We have our own mask on, so giving is not exhausting, we do not need to stop and consider if it is risky to offer a hand–or a compliment, we just do. By taking responsibility for our own needs, instead of neglecting ourselves, we can be confident that we have something to offer others because our attitude is not filled with toxic self-talk.

Would you join me on my kick to be healthy, happy and strong? Let’s all start taking care of our own needs without feeling ashamed or selfish about it!

Let’s start tonight. After you get your children ready for bed, take some time to care for yourself. Treat yourself like you do them. You care about what happened in their day, think about how yours went. You want them clean and cozy to sleep for the night, get comfortable, too. Talk to yourself while your washing your face like you would the child you love. Imagine your Heavenly Father standing there with you, lovingly approving of the way you are taking good care of yourself just as you are proud of your children when they respect themselves. Accept His adoration like you want your children to accept yours. Allow His love to fill your lungs.

Rest well tonight, and during your morning makeover, love on yourself again. Again, take in your Father’s love.

And then breath out, because you have something to offer your world.


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose personal experience with overcoming rejection, betrayal and loss–as well as her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach–is empowering women to BE and LET BE.

Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, will soon be available as an audio book. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at www.CatrinaWelch.com

6 Steps to Creating your Personal Dress Code

children-602967_640Many moms have joined with Staples in celebrating this back-to-school-season as “the most wonderful time of the year.” 

Especially, the moms of students with dress codes. It may have been a challenge to hunt down the khakis or figure out sizes after a summer of growth, but  it’s all worth it once the morning routine starts and the  wardrobe choices are extremely simplified.

My kids have always had a dress code for school and of course they would tell you they did not like it, but honestly I think each of them appreciated that they didn’t have to struggle with options early in the morning. It’s natural for kids to complain that they can’t wear what they want, but when they arrived at school they can be sure that they will fit in with all their peers and their common frustration creates a bond between them. After awhile most them realize it is more fun to dress up occasionally than to have the pressure of creating an impressive outfit every day.

As a mom, I honestly think that dress code is brilliant. Part of the brilliance of keeping a “code” is that you can mix and match various pieces and come up with multiple outfits because they are all designed to go together. This is also why following your Img.ID guidelines is so affective; it is like following your own personal dress code.

  • CB vase Transparent-Bgrnd_Bouquet copyIf you are a Classic, then your code is “professional.”
  • If you are a Natural, then your code is “casual.”
  • If you are a Dramatic, then your code is “fashionable.”
  • If you are an Ingénue, then your code is “youthful.”
  • If you are a Romantic, then your code is “feminine.”
  • If you are a Gamine, then your code is “spunky.”

Your code makes shopping simple.  If each item in your closet “speaks” your code, then they will compliment and complete each other. Whereas if you have a closet full of a variety of styles, you may find yourself often frazzled as you try to put pieces together.  This is also why combination Img.IDs take a little more effort in creating a wardrobe that speaks your authentic style. For example, a professional top doesn’t easily compliment a youthful skirt, if you are a Classic/Ingenue you may want some coaching. For more on this, see my blogs on branding.

One important factor to any dress code is color. We all know that some color combinations fight with one another and should “never” be worn together. (Yet for a Gamine with a combination Img.ID this may be a great choice! But that’s a blog for another day.) This is why all school dress codes are simple colors.

As a color analysis, I think most schools should make some changes. Navy and Burgundy are strong and empowering colors, but they drain the color out of the face of anyone except the Winters. Unfortunately, I have no authority in the schools to make the suggestion of having four undertones of the colors they choose, but as an image coach I can assist you in making correct color choices for your own personal dress code. If every item in your wardrobe compliments the chemical make up of your natural coloring they will not only help you always look your best, but they will compliment each other making your choices each morning much more simplified.

It’s not just the school kids that like to express their individuality; we all do. The problem is, color has such a deep tie into our emotions that we often choose the colors we wear by the mood we are in. The good news is, though, that if we choose colors that compliment our hair and skin tones they will not only empower our mood, but they will influence the mood of those we are talking with.

So, how do you simplify you or your student’s wardrobe if there is no dress code? Create one. Here’s how:

  • First, learn your personal Img.ID (including your seasonal palette of colors).
  • Second, shop in stores that follow your code (above).
  • Third, pull out only items that are your size and are within your seasonal palette.
  • Fourth, assess that item: does it “say” your code?
  • Fifth, try on only–and (be brave!) ALL–items that meet these criteria.
  • Sixth, purchase completed outfits. If you find an item you love but cannot complete it, keep shopping until you do–even if that means bringing that item with you when you shop the next time. Keep it in the bag with the tags on and hold onto that receipt because if you cannot complete it, you will not wear it and should not waist it. (That’s the Natural side of me advising the practical.)


For more information on my image assessment workshops, parties or retreats, please visit https://catrinawelch.com/image-coaching/

Here’s Why Back to School Shopping can be so Challenging

IMG_1535 2

This may be the most wonderful time of the year for some moms, but shopping for it can be a nightmare! Creating the back to school wardrobe for a nervous or indecisive student can be especially difficult when the girl’s approach to style differs from her mom’s and they do not understand each other. Trust me, you are not the only mother/daughter bicker happening at TJMaxx this week.

I remember school shopping with my mom when I was going into sixth grade. I had just moved to Maine and I knew no one. I had no idea how the “girls in the sticks” would dress or what would be expected of me as the new girl in town. Looking back, I think my mom was nervous for me, too, because it wasn’t like her to be so free with the finances. I felt funny, guilty almost, that she was willing to spend so much money on my clothes when in the past most of my wardrobe was hand-me-downs. So I did as every good pre-teen would and tested the situation. I pulled out these crazy high fashion (for that time anyway) slacks off the shopping rack and proclaimed, “I want these.” I thought for sure my mom’s true conservative nature would show itself and protest, but instead she said “sure” and put them in her cart.

My high-fashion choice didn’t scare her at all; instead I scared myself! I tried to convince her I was just joking but she pointed out the fair price and insisted I get what I really wanted. I was too embarrassed to be honest with her that they were way out of my comfort zone.

Out of respect for the money Mom spent, I overcame my fear and wore those statement slacks to school. What I experienced that day is a huge part of why I am now an image consultant. It was as if I “found myself.”  Before that I always choose comfortable, casual, low-profile styles like my mom looked so good in, but wearing the more fashionable attire made me feel alive and confident.  The funny thing was, I don’t remember any other kids wearing statement pieces that year but instead of feeling like I was the odd one, I felt authentic. (I guess that makes me authentically odd, but that’s a blog for another day.)

Peer pressure may be about trying to fit in or follow fashion, but the bigger challenge is more about being authentic and not a mimic of others. 

No wonder clothes shopping can be so difficult. It is not only when we are preparing for school, but what we really want is unique uniformity–talk about oxymoron–is this even possible? Peer pressure makes shopping hard enough, but the struggle isn’t only about our friends’ opinions. In fact, depending on a girl’s style, the internal conflict could be stronger than any peer pressure.

  • The Classic’s main concern is that her outfit is coordinated and she has a hard time letting go of old outfits.
  • The Natural’s greatest need is to be comfortable and she has a hard time putting outfits together.
  • Dramatics feel most confident when they are fashionable but they battle with the rejection they get for being so overpowering.
  • The Ingénue’s come alive when they keep their look soft, sweet and youthful but her strong nature may rival her delicate appearance leaving her unsure of how to be true to herself.
  • Romantics glow when they are true to their femininity and focus on a glamorous look but their self-less nature may keep them from taking care of their own needs.
  • Gamines tend to know exactly what they want, but they also tend to dress according to their mood, and all too often their entire wardrobe is black, which conflicts with their colorful nature.

This internal battle of conflicting desires is why it is so important to Know Who You Are–or who you are shopping with. 

My mom is a Natural Beauty but she was raised by a Dramatic. Of course she didn’t know about the six various styles (Img.IDs) back in the ‘70s and neither did I, but I think she understood what was going on inside of my heart far better than I did as an eleven year old. When she put those slacks in that shopping cart that day she knew they were “me.” Sometimes we just need help figuring out our own desires–especially when the one we admire feels differently than we do. I guess that’s why I love image coaching so much. I struggle understanding myself but the more I do, the more liberated I am and I want to share the power of that freedom with others so that they, too, can BE and LET BE.

If you are stressing over the back to school shopping or feeling a bit anxious about returning to school, I encourage you to put the effort in to understanding yourself so that you can find the balance between following fashion and staying true to yourself. This is the key to becoming a girl of Confident Beauty, which doesn’t alter with peer pressure.

To learn more about your Img.ID, visit my website at www.CatrinaWelch.com or contact me to learn about my September Special on Supreme MakeOvers.

Don’t Get Sucked Down the Drain of Depression

Physical pain is an infliction on the psyche as much as it is a debilitation to the lifestyle. Disappointment in one’s own restricted abilities can create an internal confidence conflict that is hard to shake. I’m sure you have had an experience where an injury not only kept you from doing something, but also nag at you with thoughts of inadequacy with each painful move.

Recently I had to retire from my first love: cosmetology. I’ve developed tendinosis, a degeneration of the tendons in my right shoulder and arm. Sharp, gnawing pain has been chanting the lyrics of one of my dad’s silly song in my mind repeatedly. Have I really become “old, tiered, bent and busted”?

I try to make my weakness no big deal. I’m just injured. Maybe it’s simply time I focus more on my new love: writing and speaking. The thing is, my pain put me in an emotional funk, making it hard to focus at all. I allowed my discouragement to rule my thoughts. When your body is screaming at you to focus on pain, you do.

That may be a logical requirement for healing, but I was battling that logic. To some of us women, it feels more like selfishness to care for ourselves than it does to become discouraged and needy. This confusion can send us on an emotional spiral–like the water being sucked down a drain–into a deep depression.

Don't get sucked down the drain of depression

If there is anything I learned with the loss of my daughter, it is:

Stop the spiral, quick!


Which, of course, is a lot easier said than done. In fact, I cannot even imagine how to plug the drain of depression without either shutting off all emotion or getting help. For me and my husband, it was only by the power of prayer and the support of each other that we learned to redirect our thinking in order to stay away from the drain. Grief has its challenges because the thoughts that begin to “suck you in” are often beautiful memories and changing them feels like disloyalty to the one we love. I guess that’s where our faith came in. We believe God cares and that His plan is perfect even though we do not understand, which makes it easier for us to turn our memories toward thankfulness instead of bitterness. But that’s a blog for another day.



When it comes to injury and pain management, it’s a different ball game–or shall I say: sink.


You may remember from the blog about my embarrassing fall, that I am learning the balance between being desolate and demanding. I don’t want to be the girl who doesn’t care for herself at all; disrespect of self only breeds rejection. Neither do I want to be the girl (ok, getting-old-lady…) who expects everyone else to understand, care about and meet my needs and desires. I am responsible to take care of myself and when there are times I need assistance with what I cannot do, then I need to to request (and allow!) help without whining, manipulating or demanding; this breeds respect. 

The thing is, I’m still learning to take responsibility for my emotions as well as my physical needs.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23

Last night I threw a party for my girlfriends. I found this great new line of cosmetics, and I wanted them to experience the fiber lashes. Our time together totally lifted my heart out of the drain. My injury hadn’t only caused my early retirement, it also changed my 30-year identity, took my spending money and worst of all: my girlfriend time! No wonder I have been in such a funk.

I know some of us (typically Dramatics, Ingénues and Gamines) need social events more than others (Romantics, Naturals, Classics) but we all need girlfriend time! 

If you are feeling down and drained today, explore your heart and consider what you may need to fell joy again. Perhaps you, too, need to throw a party and focus on spoiling others for a change. Or maybe it’s time you spoil yourself. If you find respite in a walk on the beach, excitement in a competitive game, satisfaction in creating something beautiful, or fulfillment in simply being heard, then make the time to care for your needs–emotionally and physically. Remember:

If mamma’ ain’t happpy, ain’t nobody happy!

Taking care of you is actually selfless and makes you will be better able to take care of those who need you.

for more information, visit me at www.CatrinaWelch.com

7 tips for Finding a Great Outfit Quick

shopping-311924_640 (1)Most women make shopping an experience. We enjoy going with our girlfriends and try on lots of potential pieces for our wardrobe. Even if we have no need for clothes. The dressing room halls become our runway as we model for each other’s opinions before we make our decision: to spend or not to spend–this is the question. Whether we walk away with the accomplishment of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or we leave the store empty handed, every true “shopping experience” includes a Starbucks, Red Robbin or something of the like to celebrate the victories or console the defeats.

Men shop like they hunt.

Men, on the other hand, go shopping with one mission on their mind: bag it and drag it home. No party, no opinions, no turmoil over the price tag.

No fun. Continue reading 7 tips for Finding a Great Outfit Quick

Are you Just Like your Mother?

Social Skills 101: Never tell a woman she is old, overweight or just like her mother.

While not every woman is sensitive about all of these areas, we do all have an emotional attachment to each of them. Personally, I would love to be just like my mother–she’s beautiful inside and out. Not all moms, however, are as great of a role model as mine. When I catch myself doing or saying something like my mom would, I chuckle. You might cringe. If you never knew your mom, you might wonder if you are like her. Our moms are a big part of our identity.

family-515530_640It is not strictly genetics. Continue reading Are you Just Like your Mother?

Confident in the Challenge of Letting Go

This Easter I was asked to share my thoughts on the final words that Christ spoke to Mary while dying on the cross. This challenged me because I didn’t understand why Jesus called His mother “dear woman.” I know He was fully God, but wouldn’t His fully-human-side long for His “mom” in a time of such excruciating pain? While I don’t claim to be a Biblical scholar, I do feel that after spending two weeks digging into the scriptures I found something very powerful and encouraging and I am excited to share it with you. Continue reading Confident in the Challenge of Letting Go

What Drives You?

Every human being is in search for significance. We want to be valued, we want to have purpose, we want to make an impact in our world. This may look different for each of us, but when we understand what drives us and how to BE who we were designed to be, we become powerful, productive people. We become CONFIDENT.

And a confident woman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

CB vase Transparent-Bgrnd_Bouquet copyI suppose this is the very reason last Thursday’s DRIVEN conference was so successful. Women were valued. Their purpose was encouraged. They came together to encouraged each other and collaborate strengths in order to make a difference in their world. I was proud to be part of Cape Cod’s First Conference for Women.

When I see a large group of women come together like that, I see a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a great array of sizes, shapes and colors, each one sharing it’s own fragrance and beauty. No two flowers–even of the same species–and certainly no two women, should ever be compared to another. Some may have withered a bit, others may have lost a pedal or two, but all of them have something  to offer and that makes every one of them significant.

  • The rose, the Classic, may be guarded at first, but when she opens up, her wisdom and strength helps to keep the rest of us on target.
  • The baby’s breath, the Ingénue, may appear delicate and feel insignificant, but she has a way of giving the rest of us dignity by covering our weakness (like flower stems) and completing us with her beautiful creativity and attention to details.
  • The orchid, the Romantic, may have seasons of holding back her beauty, but whether she is in bloom or not, her compassionate presence brings comfort like no other.
  • The bird of paradise and the protea, the Dramatics, brings the enthusiasm and fun factor and their eye for excellence has a way of bringing out the best in all of us.
  • The calla lily, the Gamine, keeps things happening and has a way of stopping our waisted efforts. Her passion inspires and motivates us.
  • The daisy, the Natural, has a way of keeping us all calm, cool and collected. Her peaceful presence keeps all the excitement in perspective and her unpretentious nature inspires us to keep it real.

We need each other.

Maybe it’s time we treat every day like a conference and turn our minds away from the competitive drive to compete with each other and instead become more compelled to complete each other. Because a small bouquet of one kind of flower is lovely, but an array of various styles working together is not only driven, it’s DYNAMIC.


Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose personal experience with rejection, betrayal and loss–as well as her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach–is empowering women to BE and LET BE.

Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, is now available in your favorite bookstores. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at www.CatrinaWelch.com

Beauty on Ice

1978685_10202918096108071_3289338185938693682_nAs my son finishes out his final year of high school, I find myself cherishing every moment before he leaves the nest. This is his last week of hockey and I am really going to miss it. I am grateful that, since childhood, my young man has had the strength and privilege to play many sports.

Being part of a team is a great way to learn many life lessons, like winning with humility, losing with pride and respecting the various roles and positions required to achieve the common goal–or scores. Sports teach us to BE and LET BE.

I regret to admit I have not had the privilege of watching an all girls hockey team, but I’ve seen many brave young women play with my boys’ teams and I’ve witnessed many girls’ teams entering the rink when I was there. It’s got me thinking: If all styles of women loved hockey, what position would each Image Identity take?

Classics are more apt to play one on one sports but I bet they would make great managers or coaches.

Naturals tend to be calm, cool, collected by nature and they have the ability to “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’” so I’m sure they would be great hockey players.

Gamines would be strong players, too, but with their passion for justice, I imagine they would be even better as referees. (How appropriate that they would get to wear bold, contrasting stripes!)

Dramatics would love being on any team–that’s how they role! I love how the guys celebrate after a goal, but I imagine a full blown party would break out with a team of Dramatics!

Ingénues tend to be the girls who bring everyone together and take care of the details. They make great team players and although they appear delicate, they are very strong. I bet these girls would be great in the net!

Romantics tend to desire to make sure everyone else is okay, so they might be the ones choosing to be goalie, but I imagine their sweet nature would do better serving as the trainer who cares for the injured players.

When playing on a team–or living life–it is good to know who you are and what your purpose and position is.

Catrina Welch is an inspirational author and speaker whose personal experience with rejection, betrayal and loss–as well as her expertise as a cosmetologist, image consultant and Biblical life-coach–is empowering women to BE and LET BE.
Her latest book, CONFIDENT BEAUTY: Reflecting the One Who Made You, with the Images in your Mirror and in your Soul, is now available in your favorite bookstores. Autographed copies of all her books are available on her website at www.CatrinaWelch.com